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    "Pawleen! Stop!" a stranger voice yelled. "Stranger Danger!!" Pawleen yelled back. "You forgot your lunch!" Her mother screamed in an achey voice. " M-mom? Ohno! Mommy Im so sorry!" Pawleen started to run back. "I-It's alright. Pawleen." Her mother replied. "Well thanks momma!" Pawleen kissed her mom's cheek and ran off too school.

    Pawleen stepped inside and looked around in amazement. She spotted something! "So this is what they call a 'water fountain'?". Pawleen started to press the buttons and water shot out! She made a loud screech and ran into the home room. "Hello kids, welcome too your first day of school. My name is Mr. Yoshonoko. But you can call me Hau." Hau looked around the class and pointed to Pawleen. "Little girl with cat ears and tail, come up and introduce yourself first!". Pawleen stepped foward and infront of the class. As she blushed she started to say the words "H-Hi Im Pawleen!". As she said her name she felt more and more confedant. " Im 14 and my birthday is April 28th! I also come from the town Pyukon, It's very tiny so we have too go to different towns to get what we want and need!". Pawleen noticed that she had water on her skirt from the water fountain and embarrassment was boiling in her. As the class laughed and yelled 'Peeleen', she started to get furious! She roared and half of the class went flying, Hau sent her to the principal's office, Mrs Zan. Mrs. Zan's full name was Fuyuu Zanomai, but everyone seemed too call her "Zan" Oh my she's a bull too! Well Mrs. Zan's skin was bright red and yelled in a strong voice " Three kids HAD TO GO TOO THE HOSPITAL! THE REST WERE AT THE NURSE! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE? LAWSUITS COULD HAPPEN AND WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY! Instead of suspending you I think I'll have you work as Janitor for awhile Pawleen.". "N-not the Janitor work! Please! I'll get whipped for you, but not the Jani--" "Silence!" Zan cut her off.

    As hours passed, Pawleen worked and worked. Finally the bell rang and she was able too go home.But when she was near the exit she spotted a Rooster. Then she thought. "Rooster Boy! Hehe, Ruuushturr BoiiI!". Pawleen's luck was ending again! The rooster child heard her and ran up to her. "Who are you calling Rooster Boy?! My name is Sui, Sui Sokusama! Not Rooster Boy! You stupid girl!" Sui yelled and stormed out.. "What a jerk, it was just a joke." Pawleen continued the day walking home and sleeping from tiredness.