• Entity 1: test_04_d

    test_04_d is an entity that likes to hide in crowds, trees, or anywhere in the game Pony Town, but sometimes it does wonder, and does not hide sometimes. No one knows where it came from, nor who created it. It is mostly silent, but sometimes it does speak, but all it seems to speak is garbled up nonsense. No one knows its true nature. It seems to have an eyeball for a cutie mark. It’s all black with long hair, horns, wings, claws, and one singler eye. There have been recent sightings of this pony in Pony Town. If you see it please contact us at [UNKNOWN EMAIL DETECTED]. We would like to get in contact with you as fast as we can if you see it, or if you have seen it around in the game.

    Here's a sighting of the pony:
    Image of test_04_d