• Ok say one day i was in class board and had nothing to do . The teacher kept talking although i couldn't wait to get my wheels. I looked at the clock while biting a pencil and noticed there were 3 hours of school left. So i decided to pass a note to my friend kevin. The teacher said "Kevin! Come up here and read that note out loud at once!" Kevin camp up to the teacher and read the note out loud. This is what he said: " You all suck and look like my sisters a** cheeks I hate all of you and your tiny brains and all that crap.! "! Everyone stared with their mouth open but i was laughing so hard. And they gave kevin a long talk. I realized just wasted 60 minutes of class. I pulled 1 more note trick and wasted an hour and a half. "I'm a genius" I thought to myself still laughing in my head. Class ended soon and i never forgot.

    Note this is all made up. A TrueEmo11 tale.