• Walls
    I’ve built walls
    No feelings, No pain

    I hurt, I deny it
    I am fine, I am not

    I fear
    I bottle tears
    A strong face
    A broken Soul

    A call
    I am in training
    This pain will help others

    God is near
    He is so far away
    I fall, I hide
    I lie, I run

    There’s no escape
    Where is the Hope I know?
    I cry for touch
    I shy away from others

    Trust, Mistrust
    I am weak, worthless
    I am a beautiful vase

    The Silversmith
    Watches the silver in the fire
    Refining it
    It’s too hot
    It’s too much
    I am cracking under the strain

    A voice
    Come and Rest, Beloved
    Cast your cares on Me
    I am here
    You are loved

    A bird in a cage
    To taste the freedom of the sky

    A child abused and abandoned
    Needing affection
    Shying away from One who loves them

    No emotion, no pain
    Strong walls
    Cracking, falling down

    I feel, I cry
    I fear, I need
    Touch me, support me
    I am weak and frightened
    I will not ask nor demand
    Be there for me
    A simple touch

    I know here is safe
    So why do I still fear and hide?
    Will you coax me out?
    Will I ever learn
    To put the pain of before behind me?

    I see a long hard road
    I see threads crossing

    What is the picture of the tapestry?
    One day I will see it
    I will trace my thread

    I will have my further up and further in
    I will see Aslan, Jesus, King of All
    Daddy, El Shaddai

    I will learn
    I will heal
    I will be free
    I will learn to trust
    I will give help to others
    I still need help
    I want to give it
    Together we learn
    No more Walls
    No more Apathy