• Silence
    Written by Hannah Cowan

    Chapter 1 Alone

    I'm alone now, my friends are gone, death will find me soon. The airs warm but yet i'm cold as death there's nothing else to do but go over the previous events and write them here. I suppose i'll start with him Mark, Mark Johnson.

    Chapter 2 Mark

    Mark was the same age as me, 18, the cutest guy in highschool and rich. But i didn't love him for his looks or money, i loved him for him.I met him at luch only 6 days ago on Thursday the 6th of June, the last month of school. I was sitting in the sun on my favourite rock overlooking a valley that was ever so common in the Rocky mountains. it was a hot day, which was wonderful to have after such a long winter. I saw him watching me from a table across the schoolyard, i ignored his looks at me and opend my bag and grabbed my peanut butter and Jam sandwitch and pealed off the wrapper and took a bite not seeing Mark walking to me. He was at my side now. "hi, your Zoe, Zoe Santnora right?" I looked up and finished chewing before saying "ya, who's asking?" i said acting cool, wanting to show him i wasn't some cheap one night date. He saw this and stopped smiling so sweetly at me and put on a cool half smile. "oh cool, i'm Mark, I've seen you around school a few times and you're probaly one of the prettiest girls i've seen in a whileand is you hair actually that cherry red coulour?" My Hair was shoulder length and was naturally cherry red which many people questioned but i still wanted to act cool." Excuse me, yes it is now is there anything else because i was int he middle of a peanut and jelly sandwitch" i said turning away "oh sorry, i just wanted to say that it goes great with your brown eyes and if you wanted to do something sometime?" he said hopefully. I turned back and smiled brightly and said "did i mention that you're a major sweet talker?" he laughed "did i mention that you're a major hottie?"

    I'll try to write more let me know what you thought