• Chapter 3
    He opened his eyes and looked around. A strange mist surrounded him. The helicopter was long gone but he was still strapped to the gurney.
    “Elden… Stand!” something whispered.
    Elden looked around for the source of the whisper, but there was no one. He glared at the mist, thinking that this was a joke. But the straps came undone and Elden took a step forward and fell. The sensation only lasted a few seconds when he finally spread his wings. He continued to glide downward. But, he seemed to hang in the mist, as if it were holding him in place. He flapped once, twice three times and still did not move.
    “Elden… Over here.” called the voice. He turned to meet it but…
    “Elden. Here!” He turned again.
    “Over here. No over here. Elden… Elden. Come here. I’m here. Over here. Eden, come to me. I’m here. ELDEN!”
    “WILL YOU KNOCK IT OFF!?” He screamed. Rage filled his body as he raised his arm. Suddenly, the misty plain was eaten away by a single, burst of light. He fell again, but he flapped his wings and gained altitude once again. As he rose into the bare scenery, the mist returned and held him. But once again, he was trapped in the mist.
    “Elden.” said the whisper. He looked around for the source. It was a lot closer this time. Then just out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shadow. He turned and shot another burst of light, but the shadow just barely dodged it. Elden could just barely make out its head. It came closer and another burst was shot at it.
    “Elden, it’s me!” It said as it stepped into clear view. It had outspread wings, like Elden, its white feathers were laced in gold while his were grey laced with white. It was wearing the same white jacket; except the collar was buttoned up around the neck and the sleeves were cut off. Its pants were as black as the night and it wore two matching gloves that travelled half way up its fore arm. It clothing seemed to conceal its gender and its face was as innocent as can be. These were the clothes of an angel.
    The angel blinked at him and smiled, hiding her chin in her collar. She glided around Elden, who, in return stared at her in curiosity. Her eyes were black as coal, with a few flicks of gold but, they were clouded by thought. She stopped behind him after a few circles and then wrapped her arms around her shoulders. Elden turned but she then dissolved into smoke and the reappeared next to him. She placed one of her hands on his cheek and smiled. He fixed his gaze on her clouded eyes. He swore he saw something in them; but what?
    Then, the angel placed her hand on Elden forehead and pushed him down. He shut his eyes for a moment and opened them up again. The mist was no longer there and he back in the helicopter, which had just landed at the hospital. A medic had been tending to his injuries while he was asleep. He looked around for Faye, but they must have already taken her off.
    “Excuse me,” asked one of the medics. Elden just looked at her with a blank stare and then at the monitor screen. He watched as his heart rate drop, but he didn’t feel it. The person looked at the screen too and then ordered the panels were made ready as they rushed him in the hospital. He blinked as the incessant whale of the machine indicating that his heart had stopped. He smirked; he was still alive when the panels came down onto his chest. His chest heaved ever so slowly. The medics obliviously were too preoccupied with reviving his immortal heart to pay attention to his half open eyes move. He looked at each and every face there and then shut his eyes and began to doze.
    As each shock entered his chest, Elden’s mind began to meander around the building, searching for his charge. Searching for the one he needed to protect and any Archangels, Demons, Shrouds, or any other immortals that may be in the building. The highest charged entered his body, when he found her. She was with another immortal, but he couldn’t tell which. His heart started up again. He leaned forward taking a long rasping gulp of the stale hospital air.
    He had found her but, who was she with? There was not enough energy given to identify that immortal. He looked up at the medics around him. They were still preoccupied with getting him to an observation room. He studied each face, and the memories behind their eyes, until he looked upon the one at his head. He just stopped and stared at her. And, those eyes… Those amber eyes… They were familiar. But from where? Who is she. She walks with an air of pride in her step, she gingerly touches the gurney as if it were a baby, her chin was held high with false confidence and obvious authority, and her eyes? What stories can they tell? They show neither sympathy nor disgust. Neither happiness nor depression. Not a single spark of what defines a person. They’re empty! Who is she?
    “Y-you…” Elden struggled to speak to her. He raised his hand in hopes to touch her dingy skin. She looked down at him, surprised that he was even awake. She grabbed his hand. Her white skin was so soft. It was like touching fresh lavender in the spring.
    “No. Don’t speak.” She replied, “You’ve been in a terrible accident. You need to sleep.”
    It was almost as if she cast a spell. His eyes drooped, heavy for no apparent reason, all the feeling was leaving him and his hand soon fell limp. His eyes finally closed staring into the medic’s pale features. A soft blanket covered him as he drifted away from reality.