• After wandering aimlessly for who knows how long, I find a humble cottage in a rural town. The small town is in a conflict with the next town over. Everyone is the location is worrying if whether the disturbance will escalate or not.
    Except for one, a small girl, who does not follow in her parent's footsteps like the other children, more of the exact opposite.
    The girl's parents are miners in the town's nearby copper mine. But this girl, just this one girl, sees past that, she sees dazzling lands, ones with dreams galore and bright lights, but these are sure to fade with age.
    She knows that. That is why she is so determined to leave the small town. Because it's her last chance. For some reason, there is no other option further on.
    So she decides to travel, even in the blistering heat of the land, to the twinkling lights that always show on the teacher's world maps of population. The brightest of the all, located north-east of the country.
    With this, she writes a small note telling her parents not to worry, that she will go beyond, and will come back when she is older.
    She leaves and walks along an empty road that has been run down by weather, and the few cars that come. She walks and walks, drinking wisely the water she brought with her. She eats little, but enough to keep up strength. On and on, the road goes, and on and on does it take her.
    But she finally reaches a small town, yet she is still so far from her destination, to the far away lands of dreams.
    She feels certain, though, that she will reach the land of her dreams, somehow, she just knows.
    Unfortunately, the town she has just reached is the one fighting with her town, and since she has come from the direction of their enemy, she is seen as an outcast, people will not sell their food to her, and she cannot buy a place to rest.
    But, when finally leaving, an old lady comes, and offers, "you may stay in my house, but you must call your parents to take you back quickly, this is not a safe place. Delinquints are waiting in the sidelines, ready to even hurt a child. So please take this offer."
    She accepts, sadly, wishing she was old enough to defend herself from the delinquints.
    That night, she calls her parents, and tells them her location. She gets an earful of sob-filled complaints and I love you's from her mother, and angry yet caring mumbles from her father.
    Her parents hurried into the car while still speaking to their daughter.
    The pulled into the town, and tried to get past without being seen or head. But they were to late, the same men who planned to attack the girl, got to her parents. And the girl heard every scream.

    "Young girl, I need your parents names." the man gestured towards the body bags.
    The young girl said nothing, and stared into the oblivion unknown to happy people.
    "At least give us your name," the man whispered, "you don't won't me to get in trouble with the big guy do ya?"
    The small girl kept staring, and finally said, Raine, Raine Forester."
    And with that, her eyes closed, and her world spinned, and she kept going.
    "I am around four feet tall, I go to Walker Park elementary school, my best friend is Abby Mcladle. I...I... am a demon." breath gasped through hrer lips, yet none helped her. She was drowning, and no one could help.
    She fell to her knees, and said, "GET OUT OF MY HEAD! ALWAYS THESE IDEAS!?!" she gave a gnawing scream, that of one scared toward the breaking point.
    The small whispers came, and this time did not leave.
    "so you think we did this?" said the husky voice that gave her mischevious thoughts.
    "you've been doing this to yourself hun, don't blame us." said the one who made her reflect on her sins.
    And finally... the one who made her sin.
    "Just kill yourself, then we'll go away."
    Yes this could work, going away forever, to the darkest of places, where even blood stained hands are unseen. A place where she can be alone...
    And with that she fainted, and she forgot the whispering voices that made her do bad things...