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    • bunch of stores by Abby Cadabby515
    • uhhhh, i have several stories soooo, yeah.... hear they r:D and i copy nd paste these from my work from micrscoft works, there okay, i guess. bbut, the first nd secxound books are the best:D
    • The Day Of Maddness by lastgirlchange
    • ****** Edit By Owner********************************************** This Is A Short Story So Im Gonna Make 4 More Parts. Thank You All For Viewing This Though!!!!
    • Spirit Seel by o-l--Star--l-o
    • Please comment below and rate. <This is Chapter 1 Figures and Shapes Part 1 of Spirit Seel> Enjoy. Next: Chapter 1 part 2
    • A Naruto Fanfic: Will of Fire by redheadsrule13
    • This is a Naruot Fanfiction me and my friend heart_of_a_fighter started. There are two girls in this which we made Akane Makoto (mine0 and Matsuo Arata/ Umino (heart_of_a_fighter's). We hope you enjoy rate and comment.
    • Full Moon by Azunel
    • Alex, a young man with a painful secret. Elizabeth, a youthful girl who trusts him blindly. Their lives, deeply bonded, will be marked with an unexpected event, the last love trial in this story about commitment, trust and myst...
    • Minor Details by bluepeepsftw
    • I'm trying to get more people to read my stuff and give me advice on my work, so I decided to post something I've written on another website on here and hope that people read it :D
    • Memoirs of a Mistress by JacKiin a Parad0x
    • This isn't all that special, I'm much more of a poet. It's just something I felt the urge to write. I know in my heart that I want someone to see it. Someone who doesn't know me, who couldn't spot a line and realize it's a quot...
    • A Figure of Fear by II Striker II
    • This was a story I wrote that came out better than I hoped. So good that I thought that you all deserved to read it :) It's one of the first stories I write, so don't expect too much. But please, if you have any tips, comme...
    • Through the Mist by The Demon Quinlain
    • A Naruto fanfiction- sorta. The story revolves around the lives of three young genin of the Village Hidden in the Mist and follows them as they grow up. This is chapter one, it's their first day as genin and tensions are alread...
    • Deadpan, Chapter 1 by The Size of Your Fist
    • I've been having to deal with quite a bit in recent months, so my writing time has been severely limited as of late. As such, I'm going to be releasing a chapter a week of my (still) uncompleted NaNoWriMo story from last year. ...
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