• The Great Homework Debate
    Don’t you know homework is fundamental? Teachers use homework for reviewing material and helping students understand the lessons better. Homework keeps a student busy and out of trouble. Homework in public schools is essential to every student.
    Homework gives you a plan for the future review to master the lesson. Homework teaches students the importance of planning ahead of time, staying organized, setting priorities, responsibility, problem solving, and creative thinking. Homework makes you a liable person. Homework is fun and lets you think out of the box. That is why creative thinking lets you build a bold future.
    Homework is used for increasing your intelligence level. In 1957, the launch of sputnik gave pro-homework movement a boost, setting concerns about American students being non-intellectual. In classes, the average GPA is low. It is also easier to accomplish test scores with the help of homework. They know homework rises better test scores.
    We learn everything that’s needed in school. At school, the teachers help everyone with their class work. If you are still confused about your lesson; then when you have homework, you can go home and ask your parents for help. If we never had homework, then how could you understand it when you are still confused? But having homework will help you comprehend the lesson and will help you study even better. Homework comes in different types. Some are objective and some are subjective. Objective type expects a short answer, whereas the subjective type requires a long answer that helps the students to express themselves. You will get better grades and you will have a better reputation.
    Homework gives you a diagram of your future. The metal ability in American students had vanished that is why I know homework is vital for public school students. Homework helps the school material to be understandable. Now go out, become a knowledgeable person, and don’t forget to do your homework!