• Okay, so, first of all, hi there, how are you? Reading stuff in the arenas? That's cool I have acrylic nails so it's hard to type on my iPad and stuff ha Internet laughter that sounds like nothing. I'm going to have to revise and edit the crap out of this so it doesn't look like crap when I post it.

    Okay focus. Today, I'm going to talk about Social networking. Pretty sure all of you use some sort of social networking thing of some sort, like Facebook, MySpace (just kidding who uses MySpace?), twitter, etcetera. How fun is social networking? Not really, but it gives you convienient ways to stalk people and/or post lame and uninteresting things about yourself or how youre spending your day. Personally, I have my Facebook hooked up to my email, so my iPad makes a little pinging noise whenever one of my close friends posts something. It annoys the crap out of me, to the point where I want to throw my iPad against the wall. Ah, but I don't do this. Why? I don't know, I'm actually surprised I lasted this long. Now, a normal person would think, "Hmm, maybe I should turn this feature off", but I don't do that. Why? Because when I'm not getting emails about "Senoa is eating mini toast with little bacon bits" or hearing that "jada would be ironman if she were an avenger", I feel super left out. I'm sure most know this feeling. I'd rather be annoyed as hell and included than content and socially awkward forever alone penguin with no friends.

    That being said, the posts my friends make do annoy the hell out of me. Do I care that Ben got his hair cut? Well, that's a bad example because I do care, because Ben is really cute. Do I care that Katherine taught her puppy to waterski? No, Katherine's a slut, I hate her. As soon as I figure out how to unfriend people, she is so not my friend anymore. Do I care that Maggie had tuna fish for lunch? No, but now I kind of want some tuna. I also especially hate when my friends post pictures of delicious looking pastry items, and I'm not within two feet of said pasty items. I hate that so much. It just makes me hungry, and want to eat your face because I can't eat what ever delicious pastry you have with you. Screw you, I only like you because you bake yummy food items.

    I also find these sites a bit hard to navigate. I have too many friends on Facebook. I want to delete some of them, especially the ones I don't know. I actually asked a friend how to delete them, and he told me and I quote : "Okay, all you have to do is go to your friends page, click edit, save princess Zelda from the evil dragon, stand on your head and pretend to be a velociraptor, and then die. And click delete.". He may have said that. Im not sure actually. All I know is that dragons do not like it when you try to steal whatever princess they kidnapped. They do not like that at all.

    I've also noticed, that some people who request you on facebook, you have never met them before. So, I've made an easy to understand guide to figure out if you want to accept any friend requests that come your way. First, you need to ask yourself, " do I know this person?". If you do, it's probably okay to friend them. If you don't know them, ask yourself, "how many mutual friends?". If you have 200 friends in common, either you're both Facebook friend sluts, or you're going to meet soon with other friends that you both have. If this person has no mutual friends with you and you DO NOT KNOW THEM, then guess what? YOU HAVE A STALKER! Now, whether you want to be happy youre considered attractive enough to have a stalker, or be creeped out is up to you, but it's probably not a good idea to friend them so they can find out where you live. That's a bad idea, actually, a very bad idea. don't do that. Now, if you are a Facebook stalker yourself, I don't know what to tell you actually. Get an appointment with dr. Phil perhaps? Oprah?

    Okay, that's actually about it for this rant that wasn't an angry rant. Maybe I'll do an angry rant someday, but I'm kinda loopy cuz its late right now, so yeah. Leave comments please. I like comments a lot. I'm not going to say I love them though because that would be awkward.