• Today i went to the docters

    they said that i was stressing to mutch and i need to relax cuz its bad for the kid

    ya know what i said??

    "how can i relax when im a pregnant teenager??!!!" i shouted

    Ian laughed and i shot him a glance.
    when we left, ian and i sat down on a bench outside.

    "dont worry mccallain, cuz ill be with you every step of the way, no matter what happens"

    then he kissed me

    i think i blushed so mutch it burns burning_eyes

    when we got into the car, Ian smiled at me and said " dont slow down yet.... its not the end"

    i started to cry

    but he was right... i cant give up...... i have chosen a path that will never ever end... and im still just at the begining sweatdrop