• "The End" It happens to all of us. You may be able to cheat it, but it always come back knocking on your door. It takes many diffrent forms. For all you know it is every where you go, like the food you eat or germs and or viruses may kill you. A pet cat named Mr. YumYums may be able to claim your soul.
    Death is told to be a cold painfull feeling you get when your about to pass on. But death has many way of approching us. Some quick, slow, painfull, painfully slow or fast and not painfull. Some people have "phobias" of dying. Death is more a state of mind because your "soul, or spirit leaves your body and moves on. Most people don't thiing that because they belive in the hevens and hell or religon, but few belive its part of your subconsiousness, and a subliminal, space and time. The only people who know how and what death is like are those who have experianced death itself.