• Her name is Sunflower, When she goes to the sunflower fields, she does not expect to see anyone there, but the butterflies that greet her with love. Which she does not get love from home or school. One day though she spots an unpleasant sight. one of her bullies from school. His name is Malakai. She just watches him, until he spots her, then she runs away. At school the next day he corners her and says "you better not tell anyone what you saw"

    Then she said "or else what you gonna do to me" she also said "then stop bullying me then"

    "we have a deal"

    So then on that day something unexpected happen.
    The biggest bully in school had stop bulling the girl.
    So after school she would go to her favorite spot and see him there everyday. they got to know each other and found out they have a lot in common... Where will this love go? No one knows just yet...