• I stood at the window looking out, there was a sliver of light left. Then it fell. I felt my heart go into attack mode, because right now I am the only one awake and the only true blood. I could hear foot steps down stairs in the basement, that meant he had awoke from his sleep. I closed the curtains and went to grab my cross. I knew he wouldn't attack me, but once he was awake he was like a magnet to the other ones.
    I got up and made my mix. It was the only food I could eat unless blood. I made it as soon as I awoke because a little girl lived in the same house. Thinking of her made tears in my eyes.I was once human too. I had drank the mix that could take away vampire blood, but I didn't knew it would wore off because I was born as a vampire, what we call a royal blood. Once I had drank the mix I went into the living room to see the girl staring at the window, even though the curtains were closed.
    I know it was my fault why she was afraid , but I knew she is stronger than this, or was. She ,like me were sent into a different world, witch almost anything could happen. She unlike me had many different powers as well she did a fighting class before.
    She had once lived under the city, until they flooded out her place. Then she was forced to live up top. Then like God had told her were I was she found me.She knew me from my world because I was in a band that was had gotten much attention back there. I guess another person from my old world that had gone back had lived here that the girl knew. I had seen her face before in pictures around the house.
    I could smell her blood had moved. She was opening the door. I ran out to stop her, but it was too late. Two vampires had gotten into the house. I saw her hand pull out knifes, no crosses. I ran to help her out because she was strong but to them she looked like dinner. I had token the older vampire to fight. She had the vampire knocked out and tied up on the floor once I had hurt the vampire so much he had ran away. I saw the vampire about the girl's same age. She touched his nick were there was two teeth marks. The girl had made blood to his face but as soon as she touched the bite marks the blood had gone away and healed. Then many other vampires had came though the door and started to attack her. She didn't even notice. I ran to fight them off and then she snapped back and attacked some vampires as well. There were all tied up and then she used one of her powers and they were gone, only blood on the carpet was left to show as prof they were here. Then she slowly wiped her hand over the blood, and it had gone. Then she fell into the ground. I ran and then saw the two two bite marks on her neck.