• Hair in the breeze
    Sunshine Rains Down

    Summer Is Here
    Ocean Water, Hot Sand

    Don't Care

    Green Grass
    Woods, running free

    Warm Weather
    Gone Wild

    Seasons Change
    Leave Fall

    Autumn Kiss
    Education Starts

    Green, Red, Yellow
    Even an Orange Leaf

    Temperatures Drop
    Break out the Sweaters

    Raking Leaves
    Throwing them Around
    Gone Wild

    Seasons Change
    White is everywhere

    It's wet, it's cold
    it's beautiful

    Trees are dying,
    but covered in ice

    Winter Wonderland
    Snowballs in my face


    Skating on Ice
    Swirling around
    Falling down
    Gone Wild

    Seasons Change
    Blossoms Bloom

    Flowers begin to grow
    Petals in my hair

    Throw off the jacket
    comfortable weather

    Snow Melts
    Animals come out of hiding

    Life begins again
    no more cold

    Seasons Change
    Always Changing

    Gone Wild