• Angry words, lost and broken,
    Angry feelings, never spoken.
    Bitterness of wrongs and rights,
    And lists of endless fights!

    What was said, what you did,
    Acting like a little kid.
    How you lie, how you live,
    These are things you cannot forgive.

    How we rise, how we fall..
    TELL ME you aint got the bull!
    Broken glass, broken plates
    Slamming of doors and of brakes.

    Get out of my life! Outta of my brain!
    YOU are driving me insaine!
    You are not the man I knew,
    What about that? Just look at YOU!

    Peace and quiet it is now.
    Where do you go? And how?
    A deep pain in my heart,
    but a new life needing to start.

    Pausing now, for a while,
    A brief look up with a smile.
    Happy maybe, where we are,
    Thinking of you from afar.

    Better this way now are we,
    The future is waiting... I want to see.