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    Hi everyone! I'm Foxfire Asali Ecara and I'm coming back to Gaia after a very long hiatus. cat_3nodding yum_puddi yum_strawberry gaia_angelleft gaia_pawstamp gaia_sakura gaia_moon gaia_angelright <br />
    I would describe myself as being a Christian first, a wolf princess second, and a story writer third. I love watching anime, listening to rock music and playing video games (though I'm not very good at them). redface When it come to physical activities, my favorite is swimming, though I also enjoy walking (especially when it involves listening to music or playing Pokemon Go). I collect plushies, music, manga/books, and notebooks. My favorite foods are roasted meat, chocolate, strawberries, fried plantain, ramen, taiyaki, and green tea ice cream. I have a wonderful fiance and we enjoy playing online games, going to anime conventions (AnimeNYC!), and eating tasty noms, most of which he cooks himself (his passion is cooking). heart cat_3nodding yum_onigiri <br />
    My passion is writing and over the years I've created and trashed many, many storylines. sweatdrop I'm currently writing a novel which I plan to be the first of a nine book series. It is a fantasy novel with Christian characteristics, which I hope will entertain and inspire. gaia_angelleft gaia_angelright <br />
    I don't have many friends on GaiaOnline, but would love to make some. I especially would like people to play Zomg with, but even people to just chat with would be nice. cat_4laugh <br />
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