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  • Artist Info: Well lets see.... first, I'm very passionate about Tudor history. I'm a self-proclaimed expert lol. This has led me to my currrent job, as a Warden of the White Tower at Her Majesty's Palace and Fortress The Tower of London. Basically, I stand around, people watching and telling yous where to find the loos. Nah, its a great job and I work alongside men and women from all walks of life and ages. Most have seen service in the army, and its truly humbling hearing of their experiences. Among my bosses are ex-Piper to The Queen Mother, A Yeoman of the Queen's Body guard and The Resident Gov. of The Tower who is a Major General (if I can remember correctly). <br />
    I have met some famous people, mostly TV personalities, but the most famous is Prince William, Mrs. Obama and Sylvestor Stallone. I often take part in official functions and keeping the maintenance of the collection, which involves cleaning the asses of 17th Century wooden horses. I'm serious.... :/<br />
    Currently, I work alongside a fantastic exhibition featuring some of the oldest armours in the world and the most famous. This has led to a new fascination of medieval armours and their function, which I'm learning all about. Do you know what a poleyn is? smile <br />
    <br />
    Other than that, my career has been varied. I was assistant manager of a flagship store before the age of 21, pratically ran my own business for nearly two years, and have worked in a nightclub, performing dance routines and assisting...male strippers and other entertainers lol. We had crowds of 800 some nights, so I had some of the best times of my life, cos everyone knew everyone kinda thing.<br />
    <br />
    My friends would say I'm quiet, but I dont actually agree with them. I do have this side to me that is wild, but perhaps its because I'm a good listener. I generally get on with people and I hate manipulative gossips, so dont give me the latest 'dirt' on someone. That and hippacrits (?). Because of this I guess, I tend to get on better with guys then girls... soz girlies biggrin <br />
    <br />
    I'm a very creative person, and I draw a lot of fantasty art (checkout my work on Gaia art arenas... please comment/rate), mainly mermaids and am into myths and fantasies, books, games, films... not so much as star wars fantasy, but lord of the rings-like fantasy. I am interested in pagan/wiccan/Goth/Emo/rock culture, and my favourite music is 'proper' rock as I call it. Bon Jovi, Gun n Roses etc. but I do like some dance/club music too. I write a lot too, mainly fiction but I throw out the odd poem too lol. My ultimate aim in life is to publish a series of planned novels. One of my best friends is a multi published author, and she dedicated one of her works to me, so my name is in print...kinda lol. <br />
    I also collect books and own over three hundred (I think. I tried to list them once. Bloody nightmare) and also collect jewellery. Mainly pendants and charms. I'm a self-taught beader and make jewellery as gifts mainly. <br />
    <br />
    By now i've probably lost half my audience with this the longest, most revealing blog like thing, but I would like to say thanks for those who are still with us and please add me to your 'buddies' list. Would love to hear from you, rate your work, have a chat (NO GOSSIP REMEMBER?!) have a laugh... whateva! biggrin <br />
    <br />
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