• Why I had such horrible luck I had no clue, but I ended up having every single class with that creep Faerie King, probably due to his stupid influence. He talked to other girls flirting with those poor ignorant children, catching them in an inescapable net. I might have tried to help them but I knew it was me he wanted and if I got close enough to him all it would take was a few words, the right kind of smile, and those hypnotic eyes and I to would be under his spell.
    I managed to avoid him all day but when it came time for sixth period PE I knew I was in for trouble. Today we would be put in pairs and sent off for a game of tag, winning team gets a free mile or something stupid like that. It was painfully obvious who I was paired with and as I stood there biting my nails I listened to our teacher call out the names. Soon I was left in the court with three others. Brianna a snooty idiot who I would have prayed hard not to get any other day, Jacob, a buff blonde who had nothing better to do than make crude perverted remarks and of course my creepy Faerie King. Today I would rather have even Jacob then have to have the Faerie King. Mr. Peters loud bellow interrupted my prayers.
    “Brianna and…. Jacob! Which leaves Luna and Aubrey! Alright then you know what to do! GO!”
    Most of the girls grumbled over the fact that the freak had gotten the new kid and I was right with them. Why did it have to be me?
    “Well partner” he murmured in a beautifully silky voice “shall we get going then?” I could only nod helplessly as he grabbed my forearm just above the bangles and dragged me behind him into one of the many over grown parts of the school. We were well into the maze of classrooms on the edge of school grounds when I worked up the courage and planted my feet firmly making him stop.
    “I demand an explanation NOW!” I growled. I needed to know what was going on and needed to know now.
    “What?” he asked almost to innocently “ I have no clue what you are talking about.”
    “First things first” I growled through my teeth “are you or are you not the Faerie King?” he chuckled demonically.
    “Maybe I am, what does it mean to you?” I clenched my fists trying to control a rare burst of anger and irritation.
    “It means everything to me since my life could very well depend on whether you’re a creepy Faerie King who has taken an unusual liking to me or some highly ranked noble brat who has come across an unusually large amount of Magik and thought it would be funny to follow the poor human girl and frighten her out of her wits!” I took a deep breath tired from giving such a long speech in one breath. He chuckled, a laugh that turned blood to ice and froze you still with fear.
    “Well, well aren’t we talkative.” His voice was soft and made me want to forget my questions and just let myself be dragged around the campus by a freaky faerie. I fought of the instinct and yanking my hand out of his I placed both on my hips and stopped making him stop and turn to face me.
    “Stop avoiding it, are you or are you not the faerie king? I want to know and I want to know NOW!” he regarded me for a second, his eyes passing slowly down from my beet red face to my trembling feet and back again.
    “Alright, if you really, really want to know who I am meet me in the gazebo in the rose garden at sunset tonight. You do know where that is don’t you?” I was surprised at this turn of events, who would have thought any fey especially the Faerie King would actually give in to the requests of a mere human girl. His impatient gaze and not so subtle cough reminded me of his question and the fact that when any faerie asked a question it was best to give them an answer quickly unless you wanted to be turned into a million little particles of dust or a big pile of goo.
    “Yes I know where it is but are you also going to tell me what you want with me?” His mouth stretched into a wide, demonic grin.
    “Oh don’t worry all your questions will be answered and very soon. Its just a matter of whether you like the answer or not.” With this he grabbed my hand and pulled me along behind him once more, leaving me to wonder just what kind of answer I was going to get and knowing with a dreadful certainty that I would most certainly not like his answer.