*THUD* "Ow!!! Mom, you don't have to yell!"
    "I've told you so many times to get up! I can't believe you didn't listen!"
    *mumble...*mumble....* awwww crud, I'm going to be late for school..

    Hey, my name is Cloud Kazule' and I'm an eighth grader at Kazule' Academy. The name sound familiar? Yup, that's my last name, my great-grandpa opened the school, his motto, "Anything can Happen." I don't know what that meant but he sure was optimistic, until he passed away. Our school mascot is a creature called a Naught. It's an animal that my grandpa made up, they are shape shifters that can control any element of the universe, and they look like humans, but they're not. Who would believe in all that crap right?

    "Whew! I made it just in time!"

    "Good Morning Miss Varf."
    "Good morning, students, please take your seats."
    I don't know about you, but I always want to laugh when I hear her name. Miss Varf, what kind of last name is that!! It rhymes with BARF!!!
    Uh, oh... wait a second....this may not be good...she's coming my way.......what to do.....
    lie Cloud, lie, Lie, LIE!!!!

    "Miss Kazule', where is last night's essay about medieval times?"
    "Um...oh, the essay! Right.. You see, I have a blue pitbull named ace and he.."
    "And he ate your homework, is that it?"
    "No, I was gonna say he pissed on it."

    Next thing you know, I become a laughing stock, next time, I'll just lie..

    "Alright Miss Kazule' I've had enough of your foolishness! Into the corner!"

    So there I was, standing in the stupid corner of the room, people snickering at me.
    What!? They've never seen a person standing in a corner, I see it all the time!

    "Not so fast Miss Kasule'."
    Awwww great! What does she want now. And can she stop calling me by my last name, it makes me sound like a widow.

    "You still owe me that essay, and the deadline is tomorrow, ok."
    "Sure alright."
    "You're dismissed."

    Now that was a waste of time. You see, I don't spend my time doing homework or chit-chatting. Life is too short for that, I need some action in my life..

    Now, lets cut to the chase, I went by school with an occasional , "Haha!!! Eat My Dust!!!"
    to the weaklings out during snack and lunch. Maybe even a small kicking fight under the desks..
    Anyways, the point is I start walking home..and this happens.

    "HEY!! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GONG!!!" - It was a hooded dude on a bike who almost ran me over!!
    That's when I noticed the guy had grey/blue skin and elf ears with emerald green cat like eyes, almost like my cat Ashes at home.... I decided to dismiss the idea and walk on, maybe I was hungry an seeing things.. YUP!!! I can her my TUMMY GROWLING!!!

    I ran home and saw Ashes waiting for me on the porch. I walk in and something smells good.
    " You sure it's me you love, or the tamales? How was school?"
    "Oh, you know, same old same old."
    "So you're doing pretty good?"
    "Yup! I'm going to go change out of this uniform."-yuck.and I wonder how I survived.
    I go into my room and see Ashes looking at me intently on my bed. You know, sometimes that does creep me out. Then, out of no-where, he lunges at me! I block, but when I turn around, he's sitting right there on the floor! Then the room turns pitch black, my violet room goes hazy and I black out......