• The Future


    I have always looked at the days when the sun was shining and the world was full of brightness. Today the world is bleak and dull like the darkness of a room with no light to be found. This brings up the idea that there is light everywhere. But this will never be true. As I look back at the days of hope and happiness that once filled me, I feel the pain of the present. The date is 12/31/2040. This may seem like a happy date as it is New Years Eve. But there is no happiness on this night. The streets are empty and bare. The buildings are bare and stricken by time as if they were just thrown away. This all started 29 years ago on this same day when the war in America broke out. Our greed consumed us as the war in Iraq ended. Once we had finally won one war the real enemy emerged. Under our own eyes a new evil emerged. Our lust for power consumed and destroyed us as our political views split. After the war had ended we finally understood that we had nothing in common. We all had nothing to agree on except our views on the war. Once it had ended we revolted against our own government. This caused utter chaos as our country split into several pieces. Once the other countries finally saw the most dominant country fall into pieces, they went to war with each other for the dominance of others. These wars lead to the inevitable destruction of the world. Some of us neutrals went to uninhabited islands to wait for an ending. I was only 13 when I went to an island. We waited and waited but no word came of peace. Finally we moved back to our hometown and saw what had happened to America.

    Chapter one
    The president’s speech

    “I’m playing video games mom!” I yelled as my mom called for dinner. ”Come down for dinner now!” She yelled back at me. I rolled my eyes. Why is she always like this? “Can it wait until I save?” I questioned back. “No!” she yelled. I walked back down the stairs with a heavy step. I saw what we were eating and I ran down the stairs. I love macaroni and cheese for dinner.” What’s the occasion mom?” I asked. “It’s New Years Eve, remember?” she happily stated. I forgot the date when was watching T.V. I saw my dad watching T.V. and he looked pretty happy. He got up and walked toward me with a smile. “Hello ruffles did you watch the news?” He asked. I hate when he calls me ruffles. “Why do you call me Ruffles?” I asked. “Guess why.” He retorted. Of course, it’s because of my hair. My hair looks like the ruffles on a Ruffles chip. “Why would I watch the news?” I asked. He frowned. “What happened to kids these days?” he asked mom. She shrugged. “The war in Iraq ended today of all days.” He said. “How ironic.” I said. “The president is supposed to be speaking live in time square when the clock is ticking toward New Years.” He said. I finished my dinner and walked up the stairs. I looked in my room then I stopped. Oh no not that. I ran to the bathroom and I closed the door. I sat on the toilet and did my business. I finished and then went to my room. I played my game for a while and then I looked at the time. 11:50. I heard my dad yell come down here. I came down and he said to watch the president speak. I watched him speak.

    “Fellow Americans, I stand before you with a smile on my face. I am glad to announce to you all that our greatest threat has passed and that we have finally passed a great leap. We have won a great battle against the terrorists. I am speaking before not of this victory, but of our nation. Of our great battle on the home front and how we have survived our great economic crisis. This is a great day to look back on our history. This whole year has been full of great accomplishments on both the economic and of the technological frontiers. We have finally found a new source of fuel for our cars and put a halt to global warming, we have developed new ways to travel, and we have started a new colony on the moon. These accomplishments will go down in history. We must also look forward. We must look to the new dawn as we look to the new dawn. But let me talk no further as we count down to the new era.

    Chapter two
    The aftermath

    I stood there in astonishment. Bang. I saw the utter chaos that followed. I watched as people ran and screamed and secret service looked for a shooter. I felt pain as I saw more people dying. There was more than one shooter. There were more than 10 dead now. I saw utter chaos as I looked to see what happened. I knew this was a bad idea. I am Phil and I was the secret service agent next to the president as he spoke. I saw the others ducking and looking everywhere. Then agent 17 was shot. This is impossible. We checked every window and looked everywhere before the speech began. Could there have been a mistake. No that couldn’t have been possible either, but then what was it? Was it a double agent? That’s not important right now. We had to move the president’s body. The others saw to the president. Then they were getting shot. I moved myself into the crowd. I was losing my footing. I heard more gunshots but where were they coming from? I broke off from the crowd and ran. Bang. I fell to the ground. I felt pain. I looked at my bulletproof vest. I was still bleeding. They had 50 caliber guns. Most household weapons weren’t 50 calibers. They must have been professionals, unless. I went into the nearest building then went to one of the upper floor windows. I saw the chaos below. Vice president was dead along with the president. There were also 50 others dead as well. Then I realized. It was the crowd. We forgot to check the crowd. They must have had weapons. They could have shot at the crowd, president, and vice president. Then they could have shot the agents too. How did they get 50 calibers? Then I heard footsteps. They sounded heavy. I turned around and saw 3 men all with desert eagles. I recognized one of them. Is that agent 17? He pushed me into a chair. “Hello Phil.” He said with a smile. This cant be right. “I saw you get shot,” I said, “how did you live?” He snickered. “I wasn’t even there,” he retorted happily, “I was in the crowd.” Of course it was a citizen in his suit. “Now I have to kill you.” He said. “It’s ironic isn’t it?” he laughed. “This started with a bang and it ends with one.” He aimed his gun at me. Bang.

    Chapter 3
    The shocking truth

    Me my dad and my mom watched as the chaos erupted. After about 30 seconds the station shut off. I cried for a while. We all went to bed after that. I didn’t sleep till about 2 a.m. I wept until my eyes eventually closed. The next morning was a typical morning. We ate breakfast and went to school. I went to the bus stop and I talked to Eddy, one of my friends. His dad Phil was killed in the crossfire last night. When I asked him how he went silent. I went to my first period and something happened. Mr. Harris talked about the president.” He helped us…. With NOTHING!” he yelled. He pulled out a gun and shot Dennis, a kid who sat next to me. Suddenly Eddy got up and kicked the gun out of his hands. Then he kneed him in the gut and jump kicked him in the face. I gasped. Eddy picked up the gun a pointed it a Mr. Harris. “Ugh…how did you do that?” Mr. Harris asked faintly. Eddy pointed the gun at him. “WHO KILLED MY FATHER?!?” He screamed. Mr. Harris smiled. “One of our members in his work field.” He answered. Eddy shot him 7 times but didn’t go for an eighth. “Always hated him.” He said. I gawked at him awkwardly. “How?” I asked awkwardly. “Don’t ask or I will have to kill you.” He stated plain and clearly. I didn’t press the issue and I moved toward Dennis. “He’s still alive.” I said. “Bring him we have to get out of here.” He yelled. As if they were cued, 3 guys in swat uniforms came into the room and covered the door. A 4th one came to get Dennis to a hospital. They all left and took Dennis to a paramedic. They must have also given us guns because there are 2 machine guns on a desk. Eddy cocked one and threw it toward me. He grabbed the other and we went into the hallway and we checked another classroom. The students were held at gunpoint and the teacher was with two other hooded men with guns. “We need to get out of here” Eddy whispered. “What about the students?” I asked quietly. He shot a quick look inside. They have 30 caliber pistols. I’ll go in. I shot him a glance. ”What?” he asked, “do you have a bulletproof vest?” I looked away. He stood up and shot through the door window. All of his shots hit them. He opened the door and bang. He shot a 4th guy by the door. “What happened to 3 guys?” I questioned. “Don’t push it.” He stated. I chuckled. He asked a kid what had happened. I went to the hooded ones by the teacher. I saw their faces. “It’s the principal and the vice principal!” I yelled. “That’s why there wasn’t a red alert made when this started to happen” Eddy stated. The principal started to move. I pointed my gun at him. “Don’t move!” I yelled, “What is happening?” “Our organization will live on.” He said with his last breath. “Hey,” Eddy yelled, “come over here!” I came over and I saw something I wish I hadn’t seen. “DAD!!!!” I screamed.

    Chapter 4
    The Plot

    I stood there looking at Dad. I was so angry. “Why did you do this?” I asked, “WHY?!?”
    He looked at me “Ruffles we will bring the world to our knees. Join us please.” He said.
    “WHY!!?” I yelled. “Join us son.” He said. I looked at him. I saw in his face the look of a man who was not my father. Bang. I didn’t feel any pity. No mercy whatsoever. I didn’t even shed a tear. I looked at Eddy. Let’s get reinforcements. We need to free this school. I walked out. “Those men revealed their whole plan to those kids and they told me the whole story.” Eddy explained. “They plan to start a war and use this money to get money. Then they plan to use their contracts to get allegiances to all the countries they can for profit. They will overthrow the government and then turn it over into complete anarchy. They said no one can stop them because they are everywhere.” He stopped me. “Are you sure you’ll be ok?” he asked. “I’m fine.” I retorted. “Did they mention their leader?” he nodded no. I ran down the stairs and went toward the main hallway and the exit. I stopped and smiled. I motioned toward the window. He nodded in approval. We moved toward the window. We peeked inside. Empty. We went to the door and exited the building. It was a sunny day. How could this happen on such a nice day? The streets are empty. Wait a minute? How are the streets empty? This is all weird.” Come on, lets go to my house.” I said. We went over to my house and when we got inside I see mom making lunch. “Honey?” she asked, “Why are you home so early?” “Mom, Where’s dad?” I asked. She looked calm and peaceful and also completely oblivious. “He’s at work.” she answered, “Why?” She looked at us and gasped. I ran outside. Eddy stayed and explained what had happened. He came out a couple minutes later. “We need to find a place to set up base.” He stated in a weary tone. I thought to myself. Yeah that would work. “Follow me” I said. We ran toward George St. and then turned left on Franklin St. and went to a forest running alongside Franklin. It had naturally cleared paths. “if we want to go to the school,” I said as we followed the trail, “then we can get back to it by following these paths to their ends.” We stopped and set up camp by a small riverside. How did this happen? When did this begin? Who’s behind it? We’ll need to find out soon before they find us.

    To be continued