• There was upon a time a rich merchant cool
    who had three daughters smile smile smile
    and the youngest smile
    was named Belle, wich means beuty heart .

    One year his ships did not come back sad
    and they left their rich mansion cry
    to live in the country crying
    for the rest of their lives crying .

    Then news came neutral
    good news eek
    of one ship's return surprised
    with riches galore biggrin

    So the father asked his girls smile smile smile
    what they wanted from town question
    two wanted dresses, biggrin biggrin
    Belle wanted only a rose smile .

    Her sisters laughed rofl rofl
    and her father asked if she was sure question
    and she was 3nodding
    so he left arrow .

    He went to town and was rich again cool
    but then he was robbed eek
    and went home with nothing sad
    for him or his duaghters sad sad sad sad .

    As he jounied home, a horrible storm started wahmbulance
    and he had to find shelter neutral
    so he searched and found a castle smile
    a big castle biggrin .

    Inside he found some hot food smile
    and a bed biggrin
    but he missed his girls cry
    and in the mourning he started for home again arrow .

    He walked through the garden twords the gate arrow
    and as he did he saw the neutral
    prettiest rose surprised
    ever for Belle eek .

    Next to it was a sign stare
    that said "Do not pick flowers stare
    he did anyway eek
    and out of nowhere ...


    ... to be continued somday...
    heart heart heart