• My feelings are almost unexplainable through words.
    You mean the world to me.
    I wouldn't trade you for anything.
    I've fallen for you, fallen in love with you.
    I'd withstand all of hell, just to hold your hand.
    One kiss would make my heart skip beats
    like a flat rock across water.
    My breath would catch, right before our lips meet.
    I want, I need, to see you again.
    Nothing else matters when
    I know you're the one.
    The one everyone dreams and talks about,
    And looks for, most of their life,
    Some to no avail.
    But I found you, and I will do what I can,
    To keep you.
    I love you with all my heart and more.
    We've had our differences and fights in the past,
    And they will be there in the future,
    But thats just one small cost,
    For happiness.
    You make me happier than you can even
    begin and believe to imagine.
    I know you love me, too.
    I know I love you, through and through.
    So why don't we try again?
    And let's be like we had been before,
    but better.