• It was my selfishness that took over that day.

    I could feel your hand protect my own as it swayed with each gentle step we took. The sound of out feet tapped gently on the concrete beneath us. The rain poured with much grace onto the thin, translucent umbrella that accompanied us on our walk, occasionally dripping onto our faces, sprinkling us with the spring's welcoming.

    We were only sixteen.

    By now, I had already accepted your feelings, and you had accepted mine. It was a struggle full of doubts and upsetting thoughts for me, but your words were enough to reverse the damage the years before me had caused. I had learned to believe and fully trust you. At that moment in time, I was happy. I was content.

    I was naiive.

    She stood before us, taking graceful steps that I had never learned to walk. Her hair flowed towards the ground, like mine never could. Her face had been painted with a smile, like God never intended me to have. It took not much more than her presence for me to realize all the fears and insecurities I had put away.

    I remember your look that day.

    As the light turned into the colour of leaves, there was a bright light. There was a darkness, then my own eyes were filled with tears, blurring my sight. I heard your voice calling a name. Was it mine...? No, that didn't sound right. I thought I had forgotten the name of the person who had given me my inferiority complex at first, but as I came to realize who's name you had been calling out, I can feel my own heart collapsing.

    That day, I realized you were not crying for her death.
    You were mourning the loss of the chance for her to return the feelings you always had for her.