• The night was a thick sheet of glass around her, as if she would move and it would all come shattering into her, piercing her dark skin, diving deeper inside until it reached her core, sinking further till there was nothing but the shards inside of her. She did not move. Could not breathe, could not scream nor mutter a sound. It was just her and the darkness. Panic threatened to overcome her. 'Quiet.' she thought. 'Stillness.' Her thoughts seemed to shut down, locked away. She didn't need thought. Only light. Light that would bring this awful darkness to its knees. And as she willed it, so it became. Light, from her body, her being, radiating in the blackness. Her aura pulsed with it, white, expanding, taking over. There was no darkness. No solitude, for hidden in the stillness of desperation the night had brought on, were her friends, family, gathering in her circle of light. She smiled, arms spread wide, an invitation. 'If you can face something this pure, come get it.' Her challenge was met. A dark purple shadow crossed the barrier and into her light, her protection. It was a battle of color that ensued, dark to light, passion to purity. The figure stood before her, its own aura pulsing a deep purple. She pushed at the intruder until sweat beaded on her forehead, trailing down her spine. But it only laughed, purely masculine, not menacing, more mocking. With her pride wounded, she gave one last shove to this stranger with her aura. He stumbled, but did not fall, but was overcome with the light. Inescapable.

    "Cute, girl, but not good enough." The figure balled its slender hands, threw its head back, and screamed and in that instant, there was no fighting him. His aura, the dark, bruising shadow erupted and intensified, throwing itself at her. It encompassed her, and she was lost.

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