• I just stand there staring at him he runs up to me getting in front of me. He looked at me with puppy like eyes "your Jade the human" he said in a cute voice then he licked my cheek. "I'm Claws I have been looking for you" then Dark grabed Claws and threw him "don't you dare touch her again" Dark said mad. As Aries just watchs drinking blood and Jade standing beside him as Claws and Dark fight. "Should we stop them Aries" I said "are you joking this is awesome" Aries said smiling "ok" I said.

    "I won't let you take Jade we need her to save our queen" Dark said then Claws stop "wait you mean you also need Jade" Claws said. "yeah why" Dark said "will didn't you take take our king" Claws said "No didn't you take our queen" Dark said. "No so if you didn't take our king and we didn't take your queen then who did" Claws said. "THE WEREPIRE KING!" Claws and Dark both said at the same time.