• There in her room, a silent tragedy played out in her mind. By mornings light and parents wake, there would only be what's left of her to find. The happy mask she wore had kept them blind, her grades were great, her looks were good, but still no one ever understood. She had never cried out, nor let a single tear fall in the presence of them all. Her life was going great, her family knew that the path she had ahead was great. However in her own silent little hell, she knew the secrets she kept, and as time passed she chose her own fate. Getting off of her bed and walking into the hall she saw no one except for a picture of them all. Her family there smiling happily, and then there was her smiling sadly. It was for a moment she paused and looked wondering if this was the path she knew must be took.

    Her soul was screaming and crying for help, for someone to wake, for a little phone call. Anything at all! But minutes passed and nothing came, no one stirred, her phones ringer never went off. Whispering a little silent goodbye to those she held dear, into her room she sat on the bed and had a little cough. She couldn't take it anymore and this was what her mind had engraved in every wall roof to floor. Staring at the blade she raised it out in front of her high and swung it down, no pain, no more. Into her heart is piercing right through, and pulling it out she could be seen through and through. In the dim of night a storm crackled with thunder and danced with lightning so bright. But to her now, she felt no fright. By the rising of dawn, she was long gone.

    Her family awoke, did their morning chores and grew suspicious when their child never awoke. Up the stairs and a creak in the door, they found their child no more. Silent was the father who had just broken inside, and wiping away the tears that he cried. The mother, who loved her child so dear, clung to her corpse and hoped her child hadn't really died. Her bright future was now simply gone, like the words written on paper and erased. The police were called, and her parents were unable to bear with what they were faced. On their arrival, the cops looked at the scene with tears in their eyes and pity in their hearts. They took the girl away and entombed her in a cask of cherry wood. The funeral was large, gloomy and wet filled with family and friends, and people from the neighborhood.

    Silent were soft spoke prayers, and mumbles about that floated in the air. As people dismissed, and the parents remained, up came a girl who appeared very fair. Her words were shattering as she looked at the casket, as she told them it was her who spoke the words which killed their daughter. The rumors she spread, the lies she told, and how she told her to commit her own slaughter. They looked at the girl, with growing anger and called her a monster to leave, and that they would never forgive her.

    Even with her future erased, wiped from the tablet of time, she still remains on everyone's mind. The rumors died, the community cries, and her parents forgave the girl that is all to find. The entire girl is lost except for the rock shaped like and angel holding a book. That read her name and the date she took her life, titled by the quote, "Stop them when they cannot stop themselves." These words were from the girl that's dead now, for they were carved right over her left arm.