• Many years ago, when the world had only begun creatures of light and dark walked on the earth. The gods who had created this world watched as things stayed balanced and were pleased with it all. Trees and life flourished, but with light always had a shadow. always had darkness...Darkness slowly rose, bringing fear and death into the land. One dark demon hated the gods and wanted the world to himself. He became the darkness and started killing off everything in his way; the darkness' name was Deo.
    The gods and goddesses would not stand for this, so they called upon their four best warriors. Kyo the earth warrior, Daku the fire warrior, Chiyuki the water warrior, and Tasumi the air warrior. The war between went on for five hundred years, blood spilled and stained the ground, tainting the earth. The gods knew they wouldn’t last longer in the raging war and used their powers to make a weapon. A special one that could be used for good...and evil, the weapon was to be born every five hundred years. Her blood could be drunken then give enormous powers (temporarily), close to the gods, but it was something the gods had never done before. And it spread like wild fire threw the land...
    As soon as Deo heard he seeked her out for himself. As soon as they had news of this she made the ultimate decision. She said farewell to her warrior friends and killed herself. The warrior with tears in their eyes drank all of her blood left, fueled with her spirit they fought off Deo but could not ill him for the blood was not strong enough. As Deo was driven into a weakened sleep until the next blood warrior was born the element warriors look for her. They only hope the next bloody warrior is strong enough to help destroy the evil for good...Before she falls into Deo's hands.
    May the gods bless us all...Have mercy on our souls.