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    gaia_angelleft Hey there!! gaia_angelright
    <br />
    So I guess y'all might what to know a little about me..let see...<br />
    Well I'm an avid reader, both traditional books(i.e. hard cover and paperbacks) and e-books as well,though I do have more regular books the e-books.<br />
    emotion_kirakira I LOVE VIEDO GAMES!!!! emotion_kirakira <br />
    ..and manga and anime...<br />
    I draw, though I haven't put anything up yet..got to fix my scanner emotion_facepalm <br />
    I hope one day, I be able to put most of my artwork in the arenas<br />
    gaia_nitemareleft SO....I guess that's it ..BYE gaia_nitemareright
    <br />
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