• I woke up on cold dark and rutted cement floor what was going on?Screams and cries of sheer terror fluttered around me.Unclear if they were dying dead or beaten.Gun shots rang out ever so often and i shook with the fear and deep terror of being next.Was i next in line for death?Was the cold scythes grip ready to grab me?I didnt know what was going on i crawled out of the dark cold room filled with murmurs and weeps.I looked around at the dark dirty halls.And i stopped suddenly.I heard a smack of the wind and a blood curdling scream.

    What was going on here?
    Whats happpening?
    Whos being whipped?
    Where am i?
    Who am i?
    ...And...am i next?
    I felt my stomach churn with anxiety as i tipped toed down the ever sorrowful hall.
    I looked down at the gown i was wearing.It was torn and blood stained with the lives of many whom had worn it...and died.I was next i didnt have this blue number on my arm for nothing.But the number was fuzzy.Everything was fuzzy.As i walked down the hall to the approaching light.I saw an old man standing very still a little farther up mumbling odd words i did not understand...Sheer terror crept through me as some how i knew what he was saying without actualy knowing."This place will taint thy soul with the tar of sin." He repeated this over and over.I began to walk past him and then he started to scream "THY SOUL IS TAINTED WITH THE AMBLE OF SIN." Trying to grab my arm.I fled in terror and fear.I wanted to cry but....I had no tears...to cry.This an all to real hell.This cant be real?LET ME WAKE UP i wanted to scream but soon realized....I couldnt talk.
    I then walked into the light and saw it.
    The light of day ever quickening with....the shot of guns.
    I felt eyes on me as i walked the wired barbed fence stretched menacing along the camp lines.This was hell....it had to be.Suddenly i was grabbed i looked up in fear my words caught in my throat as i saw it...A german solider.He grinned at me and pulled me into him.what he said was not clear.But the menacing way he spat them to me i knew it was bad.He gave me a little wink and took me to a cave like place.Anxiety churned with my every breath...my breath grew shallower.I looked up at him and the gates suddenly opened he took me in and leading me by the arm he winked gave me to another solider whom said "I see you found another lile for the load?Lets burn em up good."He said giving me this catty grin i disliked.I felt fear rising in me as we were caraded into the smoke chambers.Fire suddenly flinted and danced around us growing closer. sweat treaded down my cheeks.
    Soon i felt the heat grow more intense.Children,babies,women and men were crying and holding eachother around me.
    Why was this happening?
    Why them?
    Why me?
    ...Why us?!
    I cried out closing my eyes and awaited deaths menacing cold ever present grip.
    I felt the heat engulf me and as i heard terrified screams i stood still.I kept my eyes closed...
    And never opened them again.