• Time stood still as her world went out from under her. Her world was over. She was done for. Get out of my house and don’t come back. Everything she had known and loved was gone forever. As she stared into the eyes of her captor, she could see how it would end. She knew this would happen and all she could do was try and get her hands free of the rope tying them behind her back. If only I could free my hands, she thought, I could get away. She shuddered at that thought. It was her abilities that got her kicked out of her latest foster home and in to this situation. She thought she could bluff her way past the bouncer at Club Ivory, but she failed. She had scared her foster mother with her abilities of telekinesis, control of the elements, mind-reading and levitation. She needed her hands either in front of her or at her sides to do any of those, behind her back they were no good. Plus the distraction of the ropes cutting into her wrists did not help her at all. Her power was overflowing with no way out; she could feel herself almost exploding. I need to get free! If I dont I will get hurt!
    She looks so fragile, so utterly helpless, he thought, how can she possibly harness such a great power? He looked at her and was assaulted by the coldest glare he had ever seen. Her sapphire eyes, pale skin, and cascade of black hair made her seem like a doll, placed for play. She was wearing her school uniform, a white shirt over a short pleated skirt of blue. How can she be the key to the survival of the world? She is nothing but a child. He looked over the 17 year old before him. He could see she was struggling to get her hands free. He had to make sure that never happened. If her hands got free, that was the end of him.
    Why was he staring at her like that? And why did he take her? “Please let me go... I need to go home. My mom will be worried.” She hoped he would believe that. She did too. She hoped against hope that her mom was worried. “Why am I tied up? Why am I here? Please tell me, why?”
    “You’re here because I was told to get you and bring you here. You’re tied because I was told to tie you up. That’s all I know and that’s all I can tell you.” He stared at her as he said it. He could not tell if she knew he was lying. She had to know he knew all about her. She just had to. He looked her over again. “Do you need anything, like water or food or something?”
    “Water would be nice, and I need to use the washroom...” If she could just get her hands free, she could escape.