• Alex pursed her lips, hands clenching and unclenching spasmodically at her sides as she paced in front of his house.

    Him being her long time best friend-- sometimes more than friends friend-- her rock and whatever squishy and heart warming term there was out there.

    She's been pacing here for about ten minutes, just pacing...

    ...And talking to herself. Sort of. It was mainly cursing over her stupidity-- his stupidity-- and global warming.

    She doesn't really know why she's here-- okay, that's a lie. She knows. She knows she screwed up with him and she's here because she needed to fix whatever it is between them that was broken. Quite honestly, she was just glad no one's called the cops about the loud, rude, and probably mentally unstable brunette who was ruining the perfectly green lawn she was walking on.

    "Stupid-- so-- just-- God!" Alex threw her hands up in the air, glaring at the innocent blue sky hanging overhead. "What the hell-- I should-- really idiotic-- really." she muttered, brushing her eyes roughly on the sleeve of her jacket.

    The blue eyed brunette let out a harsh breath as she put her hands on her face-- still cursing about the situation she was now-- and still-- in.

    She doesn't know what to say, or what to do. She couldn't really think of anything to say, which was a surprise in itself because she wasn't regularly prone to speechlessness.

    "Idiot. Idiot. Idiot--" she repeated over and over like a mantra, eyes trained on the abused trail of grass.

    "I hope I'm not the one you're talking about." a dry baritone was heard-- breaking her litany of curses.

    Alex's head shot up, cheeks flooding with color and lips turning into an angry scowl as she gazed upon the bemused expression on her best friend's face. "Shut it would you?!" she explodes in frustration, shaking her head. "I don't do this, okay? I don't regularly make love declaration speeches for best friends I've--" Alex winced, crossing her arms defensively. "I don't do this."

    "I should hope not." Zach drawled, dark brown eyes boring into her sharp blue ones as he tilted his head to the side and leaned against the door frame. "Should I give you five more minutes?"

    The brunette turned red, lips twisting into a grimace. "No!-- Just-- No, okay? I--" she let out a long breath, hands curling into fists with her nails digging into her palm. "I'm in love with you." she says, a bit breathlessly-- which makes her wince.

    There was a significant pause, making her twitch and shift from foot to foot.

    "Well?!" she snaps after a few more seconds of waiting.

    "That's it?" the man asks, lips twitching into a familiar smirk, "I thought you were making a speech?"

    Alex glared darkly, trying to make up for her embarrassment. "Well, I don't have a speech! I have five words-- so-- take it or leave it." she huffs, turning her gaze away from his amused profile.

    Zach looks at her silently before uncrossing his arms, a smile replacing the teasing smirk on his lips as he proceeded to walk over to the red faced woman. "Alright, five words then."

    The brunette nods her head righteously, opening her mouth to add something else before she's stopped by a pair of warm lips pressing into her own.

    Alex gazed up into Zach's twinkling eyes accusingly.

    "You'd have ruined the moment." he informs her, obviously smirking now.

    She doesn't know what to reply to that.

    Oh well. She's fine with being speechless now anyway. She's already said what she needed to say.

    "And it's technically six words if you don't count 'I' and 'am' together."

    "Who's ruining the moment now?" she retorts irritatedly, wrapping her arms around his neck.