• It was a very nice day. Silver buildings almost everywhere you looked. This was one of the poorer towns on this planet but it was still nice. Nobody really complained about how much income the town was making because it had plenty of supplies. A young kid was walking down a street that was flanked by buildings so that you couldn’t escape form it by going to the side. He had blue hair and white skin. His shirt was black and had “Yosa” on it. Yosa was a rock star from his town. He was humming a song from Yosa.
    This boy was an orphan. His parents were both dead and his had no nearby relatives. They all worked large corporations and had to go different places. They sent the boy presents and money to make sure he didn’t starve to death. This boy’s name was Blade Ivan Volt. Most people just called him Blade. His always had a knife on him and he always waited for his opponent to strike first. His most noted skill was as a marksman. One of cousins owned a military school nearby to they decided to give him a test. His markings were as follows:
    Automatic ballistics weapons: 990 out of 1500
    Automatic energy weapons: 1400 out of 1500 notes: Blade seems to have the ability to modify even the worse energy weapons to have a better attribute.
    Sniper rifle ballistic: 1500 out of 1500
    Sniper rifle energy: 1500 out of 1500
    Side arms (CQC range): 1450 out of 1500
    Side arms (energy): 1450 out of 1500 notes: Blade seems to not be as good at handling energy weapons as he is with ballistic weaponry.
    Side arms (superior weaponry. This test was paid for by scot Volt. It was a good investment.): 1300 out of 1500
    Tactics: 9090 out of 10000
    Silos and launchers: 1200 out of 1500
    Overall rating: 900000 out of 1000000 notes: this boy would be good for both combat and intelligent thinking divisions. As per request we will not ask him to join. He seems to be able to fight an army by himself. We hope that he asks to join. He has a higher rating than his father at his prime. We hope he never turns.

    After this Blade finished school and got a degree. He never worked because his cousins all have a lot of money so they all share a part of their vast fortune. He was almost as rich as each of his cousins individually. He liked this more than before his cousins knew he was an orphan. Those times he was poor so he knew both sides of the spectrum. Blade walked down the street eating an apple. Suddenly somebody jumped from a roof of the lowest building and almost broke his leg. He put a knife to Blades neck. “Oh yes you are the one who Dracula will offer an award for.” The man said. Blade looked confused then realized what was going on. This man was crazy and Alucard was the name of somebody who prayed to a dark god and got what he was praying for. Blade shoved the apple in the man’s mouth and elbowed him in the ribs.