• It was said, long ago that the world was fated to tear itself apart. One, who has seen what has come, what is, and what might be, I know differently. There is a prophecy passed down through the monks of Ellyestia, which states that when a child is born of moon and sun, blood of ages, which has the cosmos as a heart, shall bring with him paradise and darkness. They say the light is his weapon, the darkness his servant, and the stars his family. He shall be born of sun and moon, wing and flame. Who is this child that even the Mother Goddess Ellyestia herself, seems to wait upon with bated breath?

    The sun rose late that day so long ago, the elements seemed to hold themselves in awe at the slow of time. What was this that caused the world herself to pause in awe? The moon, which was always present in the night, stretched her arms unto the sun to hold her brother close. The world was covered in darkness, silence covered the land. A newborn’s cry broke that silence and the world ceased its pause. The cries drifted upon the wind and a lone woman heard these cries.
    “What child is this that cries alone at this time of day?” she wondered to herself quietly, her voice was a soft melody that had the trees themselves reaching towards her in reverence. She walked, ever so softly to a small hamlet upon a lake’s edge; the hamlet was silent except for the cries of the babe. She gazed across the water’s surface, her eyes deep lavender pools of water as they gazed at the hamlet. Nodding to herself in self agreement, she strode upon the water’s surface towards the house. The hamlet appeared devoid of all life, its door rusted off the hinges, the wood faded with age. The boughs of the house clung to the building with desperation, trying to hold onto the vestiges of what was. Her eyes scanned the house yet found nothing of any life to have been here, except for the lone cry of a newborn babe. The woman calmly walked into the hamlet and looked about the old building. Its walls faded with age, dust clung to their newfound home tightly upon every surface. A cry broke through her observations; a woman lay on the ground, clutching tightly the screaming bundle. The woman was a beauty in and of itself. Long flowing brown hair, pale moon-kissed skin but eyes faded due to lack of life. The woman was dead. She lost her own life to give birth to the child she so desperately clutched. The violet eyed woman sighed softly and took the babe from his mother’s arms.

    The child squirmed and cried. “Quiet now young one, rest for I am all you have at the moment.” she said softly before kissing the babe upon the brow. A soft glow emanated from the contact of the kiss and a crescent moon formed upon his brow. She smiled softly at the child as he drifted to sleep. “My gift to you young one, before I leave you in more capable hands.” As she said those words, the world around them faded and shifted till it reformed and they stood outside a small village. The wind blew around the pair as they walked into the village, the sun blazed proudly in the sky as it had done earlier. The headman of the village ran towards the pair. He was a portly man, one who seemed to favor his ale over his health. A long brown beard stretched out across a wrinkled face. Thinning hair was seen upon his head as he ran towards them, a sour expression on his weathered face.
    “Hold where ye be, I not be letting no strangers within my town.” He said sternly planting his feet stubbornly in their path. The woman chuckled at the man and a smiled graced her face. The air around her seemed to light up at the mere presence of her smile.
    “Peace good sir, I am not here to impose upon your town. Upon my travels I found this babe alone, as you can see I am not fit to care for this child as I travel nonstop. I beseech you to take care of this child.” The headman was taken aback by this strange woman.
    “Why should I take this small babe, it’s no child of mine, I care nothing for it.” He says stubbornly. The woman sighed softly before shaking her head.
    “I thought it would come to this.” She pulled out a small pouch that clanked as she shook them. “This is payment for the care of this child, as if he was one of your own.” She says firmly her lavender eyes staring into his honey ones. The man looked from the woman to the money then to the child.
    “What is ye name?” he asks curiously. She smiled at him. His own smile was hesitant in its answer.
    “You may call me Elly, now shall you take the child?” she asked once more. He waited for a bit, thinking it over till he grunted and nodded. She smiled and walked towards him. She handed him the money which he tied to his belt. She kissed the child once more and the mark faded into his skin. “Our little secret.” she said in the child’s ear. He took the babe and the child opened his eyes which were a deeper emerald than the forests. The child smiled and pulled on his beard and he got a grunt in response which prompted him to do so again. Elly smiled and stared to walk away till the headman called out to her one last time.
    “What it ye babe’s name?” he hollered to her and she smiled before looking over her shoulder at him.
    “Ruhtra Nakal.” She said softly, her words carried to him upon the wind. She smiled one last time before walking out of the village and fading into the suns warm glow.