• Hundreds of thousands of years ago, when the realm of Vorana was still young, high priests of the ancient civilization known as the Tul'Gan crafted a powerful, stone-shaped artifact called the Eye of Light. This stone, said to possess the very soul of every known elemental power, protected the Tul'Gan for centuries from drought, famine, and from attack by their enemies. However, their peace was not to last...

    The evil Lord Onyx, who ruled the Black Lands with an iron fist, was envious of the power that the Tul'Gan wielded and launched a merciless crusade against them, hoping to take the stone for his own. Onyx's dark armies marched on the Tul'Gan capitol nearly a year after the conflict began.

    It was a horrible slaughter.

    The once mighty Tul'Gan defenses fell in minutes, and much of the city went up in flames shortly thereafter.

    Realizing the extent of the danger that the Eye of Light was in, the surviving high priests moved the stone from its place in the city's capitol building and hid it deep within a secret jungle island. To this day, the Eye's location remains a mystery.

    Many years after the great battle, the scattered remnants of the Tul'Gan people settled the unexplored portions of Vorana, each forming a new civilization. The strong and noble Clevlon appeared in the northeast, the proud warriors of the Rae Empire formed in the northwest, the magic-wielding Minsar folk formed in the southwest, and the skilled archerers of the Zeld Federation began in the southeast. The Black Lands, however, remained untouched.

    It was said that after his loss of the Eye of Light, the evil Lord Onyx returned to his realm and fell into a deep slumber, waiting for the world to replenish itself and try once more to take the Eye and become the ruler of the entire realm of Vorana.