• It Is Spring. In a nameless time in the soon future. The Lands are the same, Earth and Mankind still deal with the same problems, The few differences of this soon coming time are that cars run on sewage, weapons have advanced as far as the human hand can reach, unmanned robotics are frowned upon, and the use of ID and Credit cards have been replaced with a handy chip in a persons right hand and/or forehead.
    Almost every nation has been conjoined into one. With one common law, one common currency, and one economic system; Although there are hundreds of different religions, Hinduism and Islam are the top two at the time. The media has polluted the world’s minds with propaganda, violence, and lust. Children join and spread Anarchy in public school systems, private school students usually become brainwashed under the order of the government, women are treated unfairly, and adult men murder, fornicate, and do as they please. This is the nation they all call the greatest nation ever built. But one other nation, the one nation that dared to defy this Nation and go on by themselves; a nation that was given land out of sheer pity, The nation of Israel.
    Everyone in “CAN” despised Israel, not only because the religion demanded as much, but because the people of CAN thought that their way was the best and most upright, and yet Israel refused to join time and time again. What made the people of CAN even more mad was that no one in Israel will accept their brilliant little chip devices in the palm of their hand or even in their foreheads.
    Yes Indeed; Israel was hated in the interest of common thought, but the government of Israel knew that they where already hated by CAN; so they kept automated unmanned robotics such as factories and predator air strike units. Now even though the government of CAN kept its people under the illusion of a perfect government, there was a lot of rumors and myths alike spreading around about revolutions and revelations, this kept the government on its toes; keeping it from ever making automated factories in fear of the people finding them out and becoming angry. So Israel has automated robotics and CAN does not, keeping CAN from attacking Israel
    Israel has advance missile to air strike technologies and CAN has advance infantry and naval technologies. Keeping them both at a cold war for years, now the hatred of the people of CAN was so great that the government feared the worst. Occasionally the government would plan on creating secret underground automated factories, but these plans along with others failed due to the fact that the government was so corrupt anyone would spill the secret in a matter of weeks; tension rose in CAN over the next two years until a dry summer day.
    It was one of those days where people fight over the cold water and people during a day like this would most likely panic and buy some overpriced water of some sort. Yes it was July 13th and it was the perfect time to hold a board meeting in the Chamber of Authority Figures “C.A.F.” about the uprising tension over Israel.
    “What will we do about this Israel dog?!” asked Senator Kai representative of India.

    “We must grip them and squeeze the blood out of them! That will rid us of our problem and gain us the respect of our people! Then all will be well with CAN!” answered Congressman Joseph Hays representative of Canada.
    “Yay! This way we will easily kill three birds with one stone” inserted Senator Filial Ganja of the new Shirsh tribe in south Africa
    “Silence You three! The Israeli army will surly destroy ours from above!” Insisted Head General Don Alexander.
    “Nay!” exclaimed The Governor of Australia Paul Billie “Our army is massive and will crush whatever lies under it as a strong fagot of armies!”
    “I demand complete silence!” announced a security guard.