• I open the dark heavy door,
    Knowing my mother was held hostage from one of the world’s dangerous predator was waiting here, the ballet studio where I used to do ballet.
    I knew I was going to die, but I couldn’t let my mother die or get hurt.
    I knew I would never be able to say sorry to Charlie and never be able to say, ‘I love you’. To Edward, never hug, kiss or say sorry.
    But there was no way I could save Mom and see Edward, I knew Edward would never let me go, we would runaway together somewhere, everyone else would go after James and Victoria. I couldn’t bear to if Esme, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle or...Rosalie getting hurt. I just hope Edward would read my letter soon enough. I hope Charlie would be safe, I hope Mom and Phil become safe and never have to worry about James again.
    Edward is never going to forgive himself for my death I wonder, if I never found out Edwards secret or never took any interest in Edward or his family would James still hunt and kill me, if he did that would be the moment I knew what Edward was, a vampire, if Jacob never told me that story, I would still know, but if I never took any interest in him I would never think he was a vampire.
    Maybe just maybe, no! Of course Alice would see this, Edward would see and I wouldn’t die, Edward would still protect me either way. Now I get back to reality, “Bella? Bella?” I run towards the sound of my mother’s voice, right to a TV playing one of our old videos from home, I slowly turn around to brace myself for what’s coming for me, glad my Mom was safe.