• The strobe lights at the club blink blinding from the ceiling, shining off my short black dress. My slim figure fits perfectly with the small dance floor. Closely packed bodies bump into me as I sway to the music, letting my long red locks bounce. The floor seems to bounce from all the teenagers jumping up and down with the hard beat.

    I lean my head back and let the lights illuminate my features, my high cheek bones and full lips. I smile realizing my beauty and happy that I can flaunt it. The tinkling of my laugh gets lost in the beat and the high ceiling. I drop my head down, shaking my long hair around me. The bodies get thicker as more people join in the fun. I turn to talk to my boyfriend, but he's not there. I turn in a circle, my eyes wide, trying to see over the packed crowd. I see him at the bar and hurriedly twist and turn towards him.

    I smile as I run my hand along his back, twirling his brown hair behind his ear. "Hey you." I say in a hushed whisper as I slide onto the bar stool next to his. I lay my hand on his thigh and smile as he turns his head towards me, his bright blue-gray eyes search my face and find my own. I smile brightly at him as he leans forwards and gently kisses me.

    "Hey yourself." he whispers in my ear. I let out a soft laugh as I gently push him away. "Not here babe, maybe later." I say, running my hands down his shirt. I smile shyly at him and take his hand in mine, rubbing my thumb across his. I turn to the bartender and order a bloody mary. He smiles at me, but his eyes don't stay on mine, they sway down my body.

    "HEY!" Brett yells, his warm hand leaving mine and slamming hard against the counter. "Her eyes are up here!" he growls, pointing to my bright green eyes. I stare at Brett, a smile growing on my lips. He's always been so protective, and I've always liked that. Brett sits back down as the bar tender turns his back on us.

    "Thanks." I say, rubbing my hand up and down his arm. You could basically see the steam rolling off of him. The bar tender comes back with my drink, but his eyes don't even apraise me. A smirk graces my lips as I take a sip.

    "Hey, I'll be right back babe." he says, as he slides off the stool. He leans down and swiftly kisses me, leaving me with a blush on my face. I watch him as he leaves and sigh. I can't believe I have him. I think, smiling to myself as the blush slowly leaves my face.

    I swivle my stool around and almost fall off as I come face to face with a man. His black hair falls into his eyes as he reaches out and steadies me. I blush again and quickly thank him. I try to turn away from him to hide my embarrasement, but he holds the edge of my stool with his hand. I look down at it, leaving my drink open and free.

    The man swiftly pulls out a small red vile and pours the contents into my bloody mary without me knowing. He smiles wickedly to himself, but quickly hides it as I look back up at him. "Sorry." he says in a deep voice, pulling his hand away and laying it close to my own. I shake my head and take a sip from my drink. I smile as the liquid runs down my throat, the alcohol burning the whole way. It seems to take the edge off of everything.

    "So..What's your name?" he asks in his deep voice. I take another drink of my bloody mary and answer him. "Vanessa." I say, slurring my s's. He keeps up the conversation and pretty soon my drink is gone.

    He smiles at me and I giggle, swaying on my seat. The bar tender looks at me strangley but all I can do is giggle. The man with the black hair smiles and grabs my hand. I lean towards him and almost fall off my stool. "Whoa there. Be careful." he says, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Maybe I should help you out of here, it's getting kind of crowded." He reaches behind my knees and swings me into his arms. I immediately wrap my arms around his neck and lean against his chest.

    "Why thank you kind sir." I say giggling. Suddenly he's walking through the club and out a back door. I try to turn my head to look behind me, but it seems that my limbs don't work anymore. I look around frightfully, realizing that I can't move any of my limbs.

    Brett walks back from talking to one of his buddies and searches for Vanessa. "Hey, did you see where my girl went?" he askes the bartender, his hands shaking. Vanessa, where did you go? he thinks frightfully.

    My green eyes search the man's, trying to peice everything together. Where is he taking me? Where's Brett? Why can't I move!? That's all I can do, think. I can't do anything else, my limbs aren't connected to me anymore. I'm stuck in the farthest recess of my mind, completely cut off from my body. The man looks down and smiles at me as my body lays limp in his strong arms.

    I want to cry out, I want to scream for Brett. Nothing happens and only a weak wimper escapes my mouth. He laughs to himself as he opens the door of a strange building. I look around the building, trying to figure out where I am. A large bed sits in the middle of the small room, it takes up most of the space.

    No! I want to scream, finally realizing what's happening. He smiles down at me as he lays my limp body on the bed. My short black dress lays around me, beackoning the man to rip it to shreds, and that he does. I lay helpless on the bed, my eyes swinging back and forth across the room, large tears spilling from my eyes. Why me?

    "This'll be fun baby." the man says in a rough voice. He pulls the remains of my dress from my slim body, revealing my black bra and undies. I wimper as he snaps the strap and runs his hand along my curves. I turn my head away from him, fear gripping tight to my heart. I want to kick out at him and scream my lungs out, but everything is disconnected. I can't do anything but cry and try to stick it out.

    I feel the bed move and suddenly a larg weight is on top of me. I wimper loudly as he pulls away the rest of my clothing, tossing them to the floor. I feel him sitting on top of me, his hands busy taking off his belt. Large tears fall to the bed as I hear it thump to the floor. No...