• Magen

    Oct 10th

    Mother gave me this small journal so that i might keep my thoughts some where. Also its to keep me busy on our trip to london.
    She says that we are an hour or so from the city. I my self dont know becaues I've never been there before.

    We are on our way to visit a vary wealthy man about my age. Mother says I'm going to like him....I dont believe her. I think the only reason why we are makeing this trip is becaues hes got money. And from what i hear lots of it.


    We had a lovely dinner. From the spicese the cook used i could tell that he was from some where exotic. I could also tell that he had a passion for cooking that was lovely.
    Jack...The wealthy man i mentioned before was cute but vary perverted.
    He gave me my own bedroom with a bathroom and a view of the garden.
    There was vary little in the room yet it was just right for me.
    The bad was the largest object then there was the dresser and a chair in the corner of the room. there where two doors.
    one lead to the bathroom the other to a privet office.

    After dinner i let everyone know that i was going to be in my room. Jack ask if he could walk me up stairs but i declied. i made my way to my room slowly hopeing to get a hit of converation but my mother was of cores waiting for my door to close before talking. i got ready for bed after a hot bath m brown hair is still wet and i seem to be getting my pillows wet.
    my bed is cozy so i think i might sleep now.

    This is only part one kids.