• Ch.1

    Deathnote Gunso.

    Chapter 1, Fuyuki finds the Deathnote.

    This day started out like any normal day at the Hinata household. Keroro Gunso(Japanese for SGT) was doing the morning chores; Giroro was sitting outside wiping his gun down, and Kululu was in his Lab in the underground Invasion Base, going over the space internet. All was going perfect today, it seemed. “Stupid Frog! What did I say about leaving you’re Gundums out in the living room?!” Yelled Natsume Hinata, a young girl with red hair. “Gero? AHHH!! Leaves those there! I’m not done with them!” Yells Keroro, a green alien frog from the planet Keron. “Ohh Just clean them up! It’s your turn to clean the toilet today…” Natsume said to Keroro. “But I hate cleaning the toilet!! Whaaaa!” he yells as he flails around like a little kid. “It’s too early to be yelling…” said Fuyuki, a young boy who is into the occult and Keroro’s best friend. “Fuyuki-dono! Can you help me?” said Keroro. “Gunso… you should really clean up your messes….” said Fuyuki, “I got to get ready for school…” Fuyuki then headed to grab his school clothes from the washroom. Natsume looked at her brother. “You going without eating anything?” she said to him. “I got to go in early today to study!” he yelled back to his sister as Keroro picked up his gundums.

    Meanwhile… at the Nishizawa mansion, “Is everything ready for today, Paul?” asked a blue haired girl. “Yes Miss Nishizawa. Today will be the day you get Love-love with Fuyuki” Said Paul, a butler with a mysteries past with Momoka Nishizawa’s Father. “Mo-nii! I’m heading over to Gunso’s!” yells a Black alien frog named Tamama. “Alright, Tamama.” Momoka said to Tamama as he jumped into a hyperspace window.

    Back at the Hinata’s House, Fuyuki was ready to go with a piece of toast in his mouth. “See you later!” he said as he left the house. Fuyuki starts walking down the street he normally does for school when he finds a notebook. The notebook is on its back and its cover is pure black. “Who would leave this here?” he said as he picked it up. He quickly put it in his backpack without looking at it and runs toward the school. “Ah! Fuyuki! I see you made it.” said the teacher. “Now… to get you ready for your test…” the teacher said as he starts to write on the board. About an hour later, Fuyuki finished with the study and heads to his first class. “Fuyuki-kun!” says Momoka as she walks up to him, “where was you this morning?” “I had to come in early to study for a upcoming test…” Fuyuki said to her as they walked to their class.

    Meanwhile Keroro calls up a meeting in the underground Base. “Now then! This is our newest plan! A screen pops up and a picture of a gundum is on it Operation Gundum takeover!” Keroro yells to them as Corporal Giroro points his gun at Keroro. “What does this have to do with the Invaion?! You fool!” said Giroro, a Red Frog, who is the team’s gunman and who has a crush on Nasume. “Corporal! This plan is soundproof! We take my most powerful Gundum and blast it with the ‘Make it real gun’!” says Keroro. “ku ku ku! It’s broken…” Says the yellow frog with glasses, while staring at a laptop, named Kululu. “GERO! When did this happen!” said Keroro as he stops in one place. “Hmmmp… it might have worked… if you didn’t break that gun while trying to make a drawing of a Gumdum real…” said Giroro, whose back is now turned from Keroro. “Can you say, up a creek without a paddle?” said Mos. Mos is the Lord of Terror… she looks like a normal girl at the moment. “Gunso-san… “said Tamama in a disappointed tone. Up on the ceiling a panel is pulled out and a blue frog is looking down. “Keroro-kun… this plan doesn’t help anyone…” says Dororo, a ninja and assassin of the group. He then closes the panel as Keroro and Giroro start to fight some more…

    Meanwhile at the school, the class Fuyuki and Momoka are in has started. “Hello, I’m Mister Suko Tamana. I’m your subatue teacher for today.” said Suko as he put it up on the board. “Suko Tamana…” says Fuyuki as he pulls out a notebook and writes it in his notebook. Momoka giggles at how close the teacher’s last name is close to Tamama’s name when the teacher grabs his chest and fall to the floor. The Class screamed as Suko shakes a few times and dies. “What happen!” said a classmate. “He’s dead!! He’s dead!” yells another… The whole classroom was in a panic when the principle come so see what happened… the class was then let out was sent home for the day. “That was scary…” said Momoka to Fuyuki as a limo comes up to them. “Miss Nishizawa. Please get in.” says Paul though a speaker. Momoka nods and gets in. “See you tomorrow, Fuyuki-kun” said Momoka. “See yea Momoka” says Fuyuki as it strts to drive off. Fuyuki then takes out the notebook and looks at the cover. Fuyuki next reaction almost made him drop it. “Death-note?” he read as he open the note to its first page, where the rules are on it. Fuyuki gasps and shoves in back into his backpack and runs home.

    Meanwhile a Shinigami sits on a light pole, watching Fuyuki run home. “Huyk Huyk Huyk” Laughs the Shinigami.