• Prologue

    Thunder boomed and lighting lit the sky as it pored rain. There's a small silence hearing only the rain, no thunder. No sound other then the splashing of the water as the rain-drops fall. Then the silence is broken. A loud noise, a gun shot, rang through the small town. Shooting up in bed, hearing the noise, she remembered the text she got from him earlier that day. Jumping out of bed she pulled on her jeans, black and red converse, already in a sports bra to sleep in, she pulled on a jacket. Grabbing her cell phone she walked down the stairs quietly, then ran out the door. Beginning to cry, running down the road, as she flung open her cell phone to re-read the message. Still running she read, " I saw you with him. To let you know i must leave you now... and this world for that and other reasons. I want you to forget me. I am someone you shouldn't and don't want to remember." She closed her phone running faster to the small gazebo at the town park.
    Getting closer she could the furry head of a hedgehog. Coming closer to him she could see that he was not moving. Walking up the four stair to the plat for of the gazebo, tears began to run down her face. Blood ran down from his mouth and chest. Crying she fell to her knees and cried next to him. Slowly she crawled over to his other side to see the damage that was done. Getting in front of him she saw what he had done to himself. In his limp hand was a small hand gun.
    Looking over him she saw the wound in his chest. Her eyes widened. "Kyle, wake up!"
    Noticing he was breathing she continued to call his name and nudge him slightly.
    "Kyle common please say something," she said this laying her head to his.
    "Z," he softly replied, opening his eyes.
    When she looked down into his eyes, she froze. Silently more tears fell from her eyes.
    Smiling, " My job has been done. I was put here to deceive you from your true love."
    "Wha... what do you mean? No you weren't," Z said confused.
    "Yes I was. Blake is your real true love. You seeing that ruined my job. For that you will pay!"
    Kyle's eyes turned from a green to a dark red.
    "What are you saying," Z slowly moved back.
    "I'm... a Heart Breaker. You finding love has now made me not needed. For that I must die," gripping the gun tighter as more blood slowly ran down his chest, "you will pay. I will haunt you for your life. I am.... a Heart Breaker!" With this he some how found the strength to pull gun up to Z's head.
    Staring at the barrel of the gun wide eyed she dared not to move, but in watching Kyle move she saw it. She saw what she never wanted to see... the mark.
    Looking at his revealed shoulder she saw the cracked heart scar.
    "You are a Heart Breaker."
    "I told you. So now you must pay!" He pulled the trigger. After he slowly hit the grown... dead.
    Z sat there staring at the dead Heart Breaker, thinking Thank God that the gun was empty. She hung her head, hair covering her eyes. She stood up walking over top of the Heart Breaker, off the Gazebo and into the rain. She looked up into the cloudy sky and held the small necklace around her neck.
    Walking into the house, quietly she walked back up the stairs. Shutting the door behind her she laid down on her bed. She didn't bather taking off her pants but she did take off her jacket and shoes.
    Closing he eyes she drifted off to a deep sleep, holding her necklace with the letters, " Z+K" ingrained on the small silver heart.