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hahahaha!! XD
username shilohoneechan
~Silva StarCloud~

Appearance:User Image
Age 22
Gender female
Race angel
Powers ablity to see bloodlines of people to see if there survivors and ablity to sense powers
What else should we know? User Image
She is always carrying this plushie around. It's gone through alot if you can't tell it use to be quite the cute bunny. What ever you do don't go after the bunny this gentle girl will quickly open a can of whop a** on you.
What's your story?
Silva use to live in the country side with her mom and dad on a gaint orange farm. Nothing but oranges for almost 50 miles around. Her mother was almost always sick and her dad was almost always working either in the orange orchid or managing the small company that sent out the oranges to different cities. So it was rare that Silva would ever leave the farm. But on one of her mothers good days she took Silva all the way a city. She was dazzled by all the lights and sounds of a city. She was even lucky enough to be able to see a carnival and ride a merry go round while there. She saw a gaint bunny stuff animal hanging up in one of the games. She pointed it out to her mother but her mom said that it was time to go so they could get back before dark. Not much longer after that her mother died and dad seemed easily irriatable. One time when her father was yelling something uncontrollable Silva ran and hid herself a closet. She sat down in the very back of it moving a box out of the way so she could. The box seemed very light which caught her curiousity. She turned on the closet tiny light. The closet was were her dad had moved all of her moms things. She looked at the box she moved. It was one of the prewrapped gift boxes that she'd seen in town with a little card. "To my little musume" Opening the box Silva found a two foot tall bunny like the one that had been at the carnival.
She soon grew what you could call a mother complex to the bunny calling it okaa-chama. A little while more and an aunt came and collected Silva saying it wasn't right for a girl to be all alone in a big house. So Silva moved to this city with her aunt and quickly grew use to city life, well maybe not that quickly she did keep ending up in some rough neighbors of the city sometimes. Silva found out about the war from her Oji-san but she didn't realize that the genocide was still going on till she saw that her home with her aunt and uncle was a safe house for these people. At 18 Silva went off to college and got a special apartment that her Oji-san had worked on for use just as a safe house. So now she livess in the city giving quiet sancitrarey to refugees in need of a safe place to stay for a couple nights.
How do you protect yourself? not really good with weapons but since she wanted to be the owner of a safe house her uncle taught her how to use a metal pole as a weapon so she carries a metal pole that can be broken into 5 smaller pieces for easy carrying. like so
User Image

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