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hahahaha!! XD
~Putere and the Companies~

The great energy source Putere was 'found' on earth around the year 2363. The energy of Putere is unlimited but Putere itself is a highly limited resource with no clear reason to how it gets it energy or how that energy is stored. It was the 'energy gift from the gods' or so it has been said.
Putere was found by a company called Magina and was an old fashion oil company. The company kept the Putere a sercet till their scientist could understand a little of what it could do. It wasn't long however till rival companies noticed something different about Magina.
Magina was showing an overwhelming amount of unexplainable growth and no companies could figure out how they were able to do so well with an old energy source like oil.
By 2367 only four companies were left standing.
Migina Company: The top company in energy and electronics with the unlimited energy of Putere they don't have to worry about batteries and backup generates.
Zaxab Company: Ranked number two in the country in energy
Mar and Tar Co: Leading company in all transpartation means
BL and T Co: Only rival company left against Mar and Tar Co.

With Magina in the mist of creating a giant monopoly to destroy all rivals is robbed by 3 different robbers that all take a piece of the same thing. Putere. It doesn't take long for Magina to find that the three other companies have taken some of the Putere as there productivity picks up dramatically after a couple months.
With the source of Putere still not defined and different small pieces of Putere showing up in different places through out the world it isn't long till the War to End all Wars broke out. With stronger weapons made with energy of Putere, scientist were being left less and less to improve upon. But in war times all is put to the side to win, scientist were finally able to test on humans the always forbidden test subject. In times of war everything was thrown aside for victory.

~The Grave~

The Grave are humans for the most part or half humans. None of the Grave are fully anything else besides human, meaning they can't be full full demon, full shinigami, etc. because people don't have the power to hold these beings for testing.
All of the Grave were failed test subjects from Putere injection, therefore Grave members have a defect or imperfection in them that can range from deformaties to loss of thinking skills.
Grave members are failed test subjects that were suppose to rot in a dump zone till they died naturally but people that have been injected with Putere can't die naturally of old age or sickness, they have to be killed.
The Grave emotions rotted in the dump zones till finally no emotion but hatred was left in them causing them to organize themselves and break out of the dump zone and attack all the major cities first.
The Grave hate humans because of what humans did to them and being thrown away therefore Grave members don't capture anyone, there hatred won't allow for such a thing to occur no matter what. If you are not a member of the Grave then you must die, they think no other way. So for none Grave members it's either you fight and die or you fight and live there is no other option even if you're not human.
Most Grave's have lost their minds and are deformed in some nature with great power that any normal human being would be killed easily by. The last Graves to be delivered to the dump zones have more of a mind and look more human as scientist got better at Putere injecting humans.

1. NO GODMODDING, this isn't your rp so don't control everything or i'll personally kick your a**

2. No Autohitting, unless you've been battling the person and the idiot won't take a hit. No characters are invicible so take a hit ever now and again

3. Read other people's profile before starting, it gives you a better idea on how your character will act next to the other

4. Be original with your profile, don't steal character off video games or etc., you can use there picture just don't steal the personality of the character

5. This rp is PG-13 so no cybering! I don't want to read that stuff and other people don't either!

6. You can have more then one character just no more then 3 cause then it gets confusing!

7. Don't kill anyone! unless that is if they give you permission to kill them.

8. Make sure to read a couple post before you post so you know whats happening! nothings worse then someone walking in on a scene and totally ruining

9. write in 3rd person only!!!, it gets confusing if someone uses 1st person

10. I am the creator of this rp so I am God of this rp remember that! if you don't like it get out.

~The Background Story~

All people use to live in overcrowd cities were diease and pollution grew wildly. People then discovered a new power source called Putere. Putere had the power to open up portals to other realms and places. Sadly it was a limited power source and soon all the great companies of the world start a war to get their hands on it. During these wars the companies started experiments with Putere and human to create a new more powerful soldier. The failure experiments were casted aside and left to rot with their humanity taken from them. They were engulfed in the one feeling of abandonment, driving them mad. They soon attack the cities. Decades later, no human is to bee found living in the cities, they have been completely abandoned. People have fleed to the mountains and forest where they can hide and be safe. A rumor as been flying across the land about a group that is growing in number to fight the Grave, called the Shadowmen.

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