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hahahaha!! XD
My Master is: shilohoneechan
My Name is: Noriko Takno
Years Closer to Death: 17
I'm Obviously A: female
Also I'm: into men
Raise The Jolly Rodger: ah... searching?
Reporting For Duty: snipper
I Ate Something Nasty: Horo Horo no Mi
The user can summon ghosts. These ghosts can be used as spies, and certain ghosts can be used to drain all positive emotions and feelings from a person. Others can be used as bombs. The user can also leave their body and use ghostly abilities like flight, passing through solid objects and changing size.
Say Hello To My Little Friends: homemade rifle gun that she can pack more then just bullets in
Mirror Mirror:
In A Nutshell: Noriko grew up on a quiet island. It had it's far share of pirate attacks but nothing too bad. Everytime the pirates left Noriko was left with the same feeling of jeolous of there freedom to just sail anywhere while she was trapped on this boring island. A couple years ago a group of refugees came to the island from one that had been hit too hard by a marine pirate attack. That's were she met Kolby totally lost in all the confusion and still in shock of it all she befriended him.
I Forgot: Oh, she's crazy. The kind of act first think later type of crazy, the very worst kind.

My Master is: shilohoneechan
My Name is: Kolby Marnoki
Years Closer to Death: 17
I'm Obviously A: male
Also I'm: into women
Raise The Jolly Rodger: searching
Reporting For Duty: black smith
I Ate Something Nasty: Nikyu Nikyu no Mi
The user gains the imprint of paws on his or her hands and allows him or her to repel anything at speeds up to the speed of light. The user can repel not just solid objects and living creatures, but also air and even pain and fatigue, which the user can manifest as paw shaped blobs with various effects
Say Hello To My Little Friends: a slider blade, the blade slides around in the helt making dangerous if the one using it can't control it and also dangerous for the opposite since the range of the blade can change in a matter of seconds
Mirror Mirror:
In A Nutshell: Kolby lived on an island that pirates fluently ported on, some even made a base of it for a while because of it's place in the trade routes. He was living well till one day the marines showed up to confront the pirate population on the island. He doesn't remember much from those 3 days they battled it just all blurs together for him. Afterwards he couldn't find anyone he'd known and ended up getting pushed on to a refuge ship to go to some distant island wear a crazy girl latched on to him making him snap out of his state of shock and depression.
I Forgot: Blacksmithing was his family's business but that's not really important.

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