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hahahaha!! XD
Username: shiloh-oneechan
~Nariko Akira~

appearance:User Image
Age: looks 17
What's your story after the war? Nariko was once the goddess known as Niobe, goddess of innocence and mischeif. She use to carefree and happy till one night one of her after hour trips to the beach landed her in a great amount of trouble. There she was captured by outsiders and gagged and tied up and dragged abroad there ship. In a small cell her immortal body was put to the test by getting stabbed in the heart and stomach and left to suffocate almost on her own blood. The captain of the vessal, Zephyr, also left a brand on her a serpent pinwheel burned forever into her cheek. Though she was finally rescued.
During the war she helped out the best she could but the war left her feeling all but useless in all the bloodshed. It torn her apart watching her mother, father, and faithful servant Clytia fall lifeless into a pool of there own blood. The images of war haunt her in her sleep even now.
Life after the war not easy for her to sink into at all. She didn't quite understand the working of the new world infront of her. She'd hadn't really been taught anything about this place. Finally out on her own for good she quickly realized that the brand on her cheek made to many heads turn. So she took up the hobby of getting tattoos to try and make the mark on her cheek just blend in with the rest cause who really takes the time to look at one tattoo when the persons got so many different ones?
Race: fallen goddess
Gender: female
Powers: She can summon ghosts. These ghosts can be used as spies, and certain ghosts can be used to drain all positive emotions and feelings from a person. Others can be used as bombs. Use ghostly abilities like flight, passing through solid objects and changing size.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? Nariko's weapon of chose is a whip. It wraps around her prey or predator allowing her directed line to them without actually having to be in there range. Nariko also has two gaint scars. One right over her heart and the over her stomach.

~Cale Satu~

appearance: User Image
Age: looks 24
What's your story after the war? Cale, formly known as Cereberus, was part of the vessal that kidnapped Niobe (Nariko) but to be even more correct he was the one that ordered the others to tie and gag her and he was the one to drag her abroad the vessal. But soon after, like around the time Nariko took a dagger to the chest he pulled out and ended up helping to save her in the end and trying his best to account for his poor decisons by aiding the fortess and its war against those that fought to destory it.
Though in the end as we all know resistance was futile and almost everyone was wiped out and Cale tried going back to his life before hand though a deep feeling of regret still hangs inside him for what he allowed to happen to the young goddess so many years ago.
Race: Nephilim
Gender: male
Powers: He can make exact copies of anything but he can only make 3 at once of that same thing. If he tries to make another after three all the copies turn to dust. With living things, like animals and people, the copies are more like exact copies of the shell of the person, the body their soul inhabits. He can't make an exact duplicate of the personality of the person.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? Cale fights with chain blades most of the time but when an opponent is too close he uses his slider sword, Toshiko, that in its shealth looks like a long sword but out of the shealth the blade slides slides around in the hilt letting him change the length of the sword in mere seconds while leaving the opponent unsure of how far the blade will reach next.

((XD have to point this out cause i wasn't even thinking about this as i was making the profile but maybe you'll get a kick out of it. Cerberus is 3 headed dog from underworld, the name Cale means dog, he has the power to make copies of up to 3, and a nephilim is the son of a fallen angel XD -.- i'm sorry i'm bored as hell right now))))

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