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My stories ideas and more....
*~{Love's like Chocolate}~*(Naruto doujin)
Love is like chocolate, it melts. But when it litterally melts....for the worse, all you can do is wash your hands and move on right? Not for Kakashi, when he tries he suddenly has a dream about a girl he wanted to marry and she appeared out of nowhere the next day on his birthday. Not only trying to hide some dark secrets but her new daughter as well. Will Kakashi ever look at love how he did before? Or will a certain young mother and her daughter become part of the family he always wanted?

Yay!! Random summery thinger!!! blaugh It's a gay title and also it's a KakaxOC pairing with my rp chara who I recently upgraded just in case I want to join another Naruto guild ^^ But yea, this is chapter 1 (srry it didn't fit in the title space sweatdrop ). Anyways, hope you like this story! It has an original plot so it;s gonna take a lil while for me to post some stuff up. ^^;

Chapter 1

It was in the morning in Konohakagure. Or it seemed to be. Kakashi was walking around in the town and noticed that something was wrong…but familiar and happy.
“This can’t be right…am I having a flashback?” Kakashi asked himself as he went to grab onto the side of a building. Its color was weird, like a clayish red instead of brown. It looked like a pastel painting and when he grabbed it, some of the weird red clay went upon his hand. He quickly wiped it off and looked around. He knew he was dreaming, he was long asleep, but it seemed so familiar. He knew it was the past because not many people were outside. He didn’t know how long ago, but when he was passing by a shop that closed down three years ago he remembered. “Wait, this was when…no it can’t be.”
“Hey! Good morning Kakashi!” a voice said. Kakashi looked and saw the shop owner of the now closed shop as he smiled at him. “Happy twenty-third birthday!”
“Thank you very much!” Kakashi said without thinking, he covered his mouth and looked at the shop owner. “H-How are you this morning Taka-sensi?”
“Very good! I saw Ichigo walk by here with that friend of hers. She didn’t seem too happy though. She kept looking over her shoulder and that boy she was with…I don’t know he looked suspicious.” He said. Kakashi felt anger and sorrow deep within his chest but he couldn’t remember why.
“Where are they heading?” he asked sternly.
“To the Konoha gates, they left here about five minutes ago.” He said and Kakashi darted off toward the gates. Kakashi tried to remember why he was running so fast, and why the name ‘Ichigo’ sounded familiar. When he got to the gates he tried to breath regularly and that’s when he saw her. A teen girl with pants on and wearing a sweater with no sleeves and a hood on her head.
“Ichigo!” Kakashi yelled. The girl turned around and gasped seeing him and held a small brown bundle to her chest.
“Senpai!” she yelled as she ran up to him. Kakashi wrapped his arms around her as she got to him, embracing her in a hug. She said nothing and looked back at the hooded guy that was about Kakashi’s age. She looked at Kakashi again and smiled.
“Happy Birthday.”
“Thanks.” He said and glared at the guy who waited for Ichigo at the gate. Ichigo said nothing and pushed herself away from him. “Ichigo?”
“Senpai…here.” She said shoving the brown bundle in his hands. “A present before I go…open it.” She said smiling. Kakashi looked at her confused and started to remove the blanket. He gasped seeing two small voodoo dolls, one of them had a headband slanting on the right side of its face and the other had a book in its right hand. But both of their hands were sewed together making it look like that they were holding hands.
“Ichigo…thank you.” He said as he hugged her again. Ichigo said nothing as a few tears streamed down her cheeks.
“I-It’s nothing. It was hard work though…so make sure you keep those when I come back ok? You big sissy you.” She said hugging him back. A small noise showing that the other man was growing impatient disrupted the moment. Kakashi looked at the guy with another glare and Ichigo sighed and let go of him.
“It’s my time to go…I’ll try to visit.” She said smiling then looked away sadly. “If he lets me.”
“Huh?” Kakashi asked hearing the last part. “What was that?”
“O-Oh it’s nothing…good bye.” She said and started to walk away with the guy. Kakashi watched them hopelessly and took a step forward.
“Ichigo!” he yelled as the doors started to close. Kakashi gasped as Ichigo who suddenly had black wings turned around and saw blood drip down her face and her eyes turn white.
“Good-bye…senpai…” just then the doors closed.

Kakashi woke up with cold sweat. He looked around and rested his head on the pillow when he saw that he was safe in his apartment. Kakashi gave a quick glance at his alarm clock and saw it was an hour before he was supposed to wake up. He sighed and stared at the ceiling hoping he can fall back to sleep. But he couldn’t. So he got up and took a shower and got dressed, when he was drying his hair with his towel something behind him fell off his shelf. Kakashi froze and turned around slowly and sighed seeing his window open.
“The wind blew it down…” Kakashi reassured and went to pick the object up. He stared at the small two voodoo dolls that were in his dream.
‘I’ll come back…if he lets me.’ Ichigo’s words said in a repeat in his mind. Kakashi said nothing and placed the well preserved dolls back on his shelf gently. Before leaving his room he was curious and moved the one he thought was ‘the boy’s’ headband up and smiled seeing a scar going down where the headband covered. Ichigo always paid attention to detail. After getting dressed he didn’t bother eating, the dream he had shook him up so much that he wasn’t hungry anymore. So he started to wonder around in Konoha looking at the stores and places, he knew this one was real.
“Hey Kakashi!” a voice said. Kakashi turned around and saw a young shop owner that was of course, non other then his own cousin.
“Hey cuz good morning.” Kakashi greeted. His cousin smiled his mischievous smile at him.
“Guess what today is?” he asked. Kakashi thought for a moment and looked at him.
“I don’t know. What?”
“You got to be serious!!” the cousin yelled as he grabbed his head. “The only time I remember and you forget your own birthday?!” he yelled. Kakashi gasped and finally remembered; today he was twenty-six.
“Oh! You remembered!! I’m proud of you Hayate. You reminded me.” He said. Hayate smiled, knowing that Kakashi’s comment had cheered him up.
“Yo thanks cuz. Oh! I almost forgot!” he said as he went under the counter and pulled out a small box. “Here!! Some of my best bakery delights! Enjoy!”
“You shouldn’t have! Thanks.” Kakashi said grabbing the box. Hayate smiled and then his look turned soft.
“It’s the second anniversary huh? When Ichigo left…ever wonder what she’s doing right now?” he asked as he looked at the blue sky. Kakashi looked up too and said nothing at first and smiled.
“Yeah…sometimes.” He said and then looked at him. “I have to get going, I’m going to run late to see my students again.” He said smiling and started walking. Hayate laughed.
“You’re gonna get yourself in trouble Kakashi! You hear me?!”
“Yeah!” Kakashi yelled back not bothering to turn around as he waved. Kakashi wasn’t far from the Konoha gates when he saw a young woman in an Anbu uniform at the front office. What people who came from other villages go too to sign in. He ignored it and continued to walk until the lady turned to leave the desk at the last moment and Kakashi and the lady bumped into each other and fall to the ground. Kakashi swore under his breath and looked at the lady.
“S-Sorry, I wasn’t…” he stopped as he saw the mature but familiar face. A face he saw in a dream the night before. “…Ichigo?”

<<Ichigo’s pos>>

It was a normal morning…sort of. I had just moved to Konoha after leaving it three years ago. I had left to get another item from my old home I was leaving and came back and those darn ninjas still asked me the same questions.
“So you have a residence Miss Youso?” the man asked me as he viewed the report I did twice already. I nodded and sighed, learning to gain my patients.
“I said yes already.” I said as I flipped a small bag over my shoulder. The ninja looked over and then gave me a small card and smiled.
“Alright, here you go! Show this card to us and we’ll know you live here now!” he said. I sighed grabbing the card and smiled as sweetly as I could to him.
“Thank you very much.” I said and turned away to go leave when I accidentally bumped into a shinobi walking by and from how fast we were turning and walking we both fell to the floor. I gasped and found myself looking at the sky,
“Sorry I wasn’t…” I looked and found myself staring at the face of my tripper, a handsome ninja with a mask, and a familiar eye and white spiky hair. We both stared at each other’s eyes and I opened my mouth to say something but it didn’t come out. “…Ichigo?” I gasped as he knew my name.
“I-I’m sorry do I…” I stopped when a face appeared in my mind it can’t be…Kakashi? “K-K…Kakashi Hatake-senpai?” I asked him in a whisper. We both stayed there, in the weird position, him over me. I gasped as I saw the ninja at the desk watching us and a few bystanders that were walking by watching us with red faces. I felt a twitch and in a second Kakashi was on his back, flipped because I punched him square in the jaw. Oops.
“You still didn’t lose your touch.” Kakashi muttered as he sat up again and rubbed his chin. I felt my face flush and I stood up and wiped myself off.
“Sorry, instincts.” I said to him and I held a hand out to help him out. “Come on.” I said smiling. Kakashi said nothing for a while and he grabbed on and I tried to hoist him up. When he stood we both stood there in an awkward silence until I saw Kakashi staring at something on me… “What?”
“You’re wearing a skirt…you never wore a skirt.” He said with a smile. I felt my face burn even more and I looked down at my skirt.
“Yeah…it took a lot of guts to get me into one.” I said shyly and I shook my head and looked up at him. “But enough about me, how are you?!” I asked him smiling. Kakashi thought and shrugged.
“Well…instead of almost forgetting it was my birthday I’m fine.” He said nonchalantly. I gasped and thought.
“It’s your birthday…man I almost forgot…oh!” I said as I snapped my fingers and I looked at him and pointed his chest. “Are you going to go train?”
“Well…I have to go train students yes.” Kakashi said and looked at me as he cocked his brow. “Why?”
“Perfect!” I said as I twirled around and I smiled at him. “I got someone that you totally have to meet!! I can go pick them up and I’ll meet you…at the training ground right?” I asked him. Kakashi nodded and smiled with the idea.
“Sure. Let me guess…this is a present for my birthday?”
“And more like an apology for not celebrating the other two.” I said shyly and hugged him tightly. “Alright! So we got a game plan!” I said smiling. Kakashi hesitated for a few seconds and then he finally wrapped his arms around me.
“S-Sure, I’ll do it.” He said. I smiled and I rested my head on his chest.
“I wanted a hug from you for so long…” I whispered and then I let him go and spun around childishly. “Alright, it’s a date!” I said smiling and I started to skip as I ignored his surprised expression. But even so, he still didn’t make an exception…not even a laugh, which he’d usually do in the Anbu. I then got a dread feeling that he met someone new and moved on…if he did.
I can hide myself forever can’t I? Konoha is big.
When I looked over my shoulder Kakashi’s back was toward me and he was walking the opposite way. I grew worried, was he still mad I left him for my ex? A painful twitch was made in my chest near my heart and I coughed twice. I then sighed and tried to clear my mind.
‘Its ok…nothing bad will happen.’ I thought and I kept my eyes forward. I walked to my apartment which was still in one piece after leaving it three years ago, and was still across the hall from Kakashi’s. I dropped off my backpack and I quickly changed to a long sleeved shirt and a skirt and I headed to my aunt’s apartment on the bottom floor. When I knocked she came there hurriedly and smiled.
“Ichigo-chan!!” she yelled and hugged me. I smiled and hugged back and looked at her.
“Hi Aunty…is she here?”
“Of course, she was waiting for you. So did you see Kakashi?”
“Yeah…we’re going to get lunch in a bit.”

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Kakashi said as he turned the page in his orange book. “If you wanted to disappoint me that is.” Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke were all on their knees trying to breath; Kakashi was tough, to them…too tough.
“W…What did we do wrong huh?!” Naruto yelled as he stood up. Kakashi looked at him as he cocked a brow.
“What did you do wrong? Well first off, yet again you tried to take on a three man job. And secondly…” he said as he looked at Sasuke. “You again isolated yourself and tried to take on a three man job…and Sakura, I know you’re glad Sasuke is still alive but don’t try to become a leech alright?” he asked her. Sakura tried to hold in her anger but nodded.
“Y…Yes sensi.”
‘Grr!!! What does he mean become a leech?!’ her head yelled. Kakashi then looked at them and he turned another page.
“But…I guess I should be the one to blame.” Kakashi said. They all looked at him and Kakashi studied the inside of his book and then nodded. “Alright…plan b…do you guys know about my tree climbing exercise? Well to build up on this…problem then you’ll have to do is become in partners. Naruto, you tie your leg with Sasuke’s and you two alone try to climb up.” He said. Naruto and Sasuke gasped.
“What?!” they yelled. Sakura then looked at Kakashi.
“What about me Kakashi-sensi?”
“After they’re done you and Naruto both become partners, then you and Sasuke. In that same order.”
“What?!” they all moaned. Kakashi had an expressionless face but inside he was chuckling evilly.
‘Those poor kids, if only they would’ve known the negative side of not having teamwork.’ He thought. Just then he saw a figure appear behind them, Kakashi looked closer and saw Ichigo carrying a bundle and wearing a new outfit…a summer dress really.
“But that’ll start tomorrow; you all can go home now.” Kakashi said as he closed his book. Sasuke and Sakura were surprised that he actually closed his book and he wasn’t even getting ready for a fight. They turned around and saw a woman. She stopped walking and waved to someone. Hey knew somehow she was waving to Kakashi. Kakashi then waved and he started to head toward Ichigo.
“Um, hi Ichigo.” He said smiling. Ichigo smiled and bounced the small bundle lightly.
“Hi senpai, want to start heading out now?” she asked as she started walking. Kakashi smiled and walked after her.
“Sure.” He said. After talking about random subjects and catching up on some things that they haven’t talked about for years the small bundle started to move around and a small face popped out from the blanket. Kakashi’s face flushed as he saw the small girl’s face. Ichigo gasped and patted the small sleeping child’s head.
“Hime-chan, you’re still sleepy?” she asked and kissed the small baby’s cheek. Kakashi smiled at her.
“In the baby-sitting service already? That was quick.” He said with a chuckle. Ichigo giggled and then looked at him smiling.
“I’m not baby-sitting.” She said and smiled. “But that’s cute to think I am.” Kakashi stared at her for a few seconds and blinked.
“Well…who is she then?” he asked as he looked at Hime. Ichigo’s face flushed as she moved a strand of hair away from her face.
“Well…this was the person I wanted you to meet. This is Hime-chan. She’s my daughter.” She said. Kakashi stood speechless.

*~{Chapter 1 END}~*

I hope you likes it!! I still think I did pretty good for my own story plot thinger and sorry it was a tad long so if you hate it then get used to it...but if you don't like reading then why are you here...? Comments are welcome!! blaugh

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