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My stories ideas and more....
Left in neutral ch. 1 ((read warning))
WARNING VERY, VERY, VERY LONG POST!!! FOR THOSE WHO GET BORED VERY, VERY, VERY EASILY PLZ LEAVE!! Hihi pplz!!! =D Ahem! Well this is a creepy dream I had a few days ago because I was reading a book called The Giver for hw and stuff....anways! I had the dream, woke up, ate ramen, and then typed it up. It's a 'bit' long because read title....FIRST CHAPTER. enjoy. ^^

It was night and there wasn’t much people outside, it was usually forbidden for people to be outside when it was nine o’ clock but it was only eight thirty so everyone was all rushing to get home before the Night watchmen come out and start collecting people who were braking the rule. In a forest not to far away from the city and a forest there was a commotion but not a commotion to go home. A small animal about the same size as a small dog ran quickly among the bushes dodging the shrubs branches and if you could be there you won’t even tell what it was. But it was a demon that took a shape of a pig, demon venom must’ve effected it when the poor thing didn’t know and now it ran trying to run back home that it didn’t even know where it was. It would’ve looked like a normal pig if it wasn’t all black, pitch black and was decorated with a weird aqua blue tattoo that covered it’s back and had aqua blue glowing eyes. The demon ran and once seeing a boulder it followed the pig’s real instincts and jumped over the boulder but falling into a trap. Once the demon jumped on the other side of the boulder a weblike rope wrapped around it’s hid legs and it went up dangling on a tree branch while looking down. Usually it would squeal in fright but instead it growled, a very deep and low growl that made it seem a demon that what it is now. A chuckle was heard and there was a rustle behind a bush. A boy who appeared to be in his teen years smiled as he walked out of the bush and looked up at the poor dangling animal. He wore a hood and you can’t really see what his skin color really is but you can see that he had orange spiky hair and covering his arms was a thin skin that was black and also decorated with a weird tattoo but his were green. He smiled as his orange eyes watched as the demon tried to bite at it’s heels and cut the weblike rope but couldn’t reach.
“Seems that you were infected too huh?” he asked in a soft voice to the demon as if it can really reply back and also as if to calm it down, but he chuckled evilly at heart for the poor creature. He lifted his hand and his orange hair and eyes turned green as his tattoo glowed, his eyes glowed from the amounts of power flowing through his body and his hand became bigger, almost five times bigger then it was, he smiled and when his hand went near the demon and grabbed it, it started to squirm in his grip and he tighten it suffocating it. “I like it when my food tries to escape, it makes it more entertaining to kill it.” he said his voice deepening. He was also a demon. But as you can see that he had more control over his body then the pig had when it got infected. The boy was a half human and half demon, who was bred from a Organization called ‘Hadrianus’. They had created half breeds so they can control them and put them in war or normal things so they can control them, more like slaves but nicer explain Sir Hadrianus the creator of the organization. But after many years of testing and experimenting something deathly went wrong, the ‘demon venom’ what they call it started to take over the person it was put into and created a whole demon and then it started to multiply at a fast rate. So now Hadrianus is now a Demon and a Antidemon company, they make more demons and destroy them at the same time. Many demons have escaped and this young boy was one of them. The boy was about to squeeze his prey so hard that it’ll snap its neck and spine making it paralyze but his thoughts were interrupted suddenly.
“Achilles let the thing go.” a womanly voice interrupted him. Achilles turned around and saw a girl with pale skin and black hair tied up in a neat ponytail. Achilles said nothing as his face went hard and he looked at what was supposed to be his dinner who’s heart has gotten slower from being suffocated so much by his over large hand. Achilles swore under his breath and he let the demon go also cutting the web rope making the demon fall but even though it was near death it landed directly on it’s feet and then tried to run off, not as fast but before but somewhere so it won’t be attached. Achilles looked at the girl with a glare,

“How do you plan about me surviving if you always force me to let go of my dinner, Ichigo?” he asked her as his tattoo started to fade and his hair and eyes turned back to normal. Ichigo looked at him and crossed her arms annoyed by his tone.
“Well I don’t think that you should eat like a demon, you are half human the food you eat will come at you sooner or later. Haven’t you heard ‘what goes around comes around’?” she asked him walking closer to him. Achilles said nothing and he walked past her toward the museum,
“Yeah I heard of it before, and I know it’s true but I don’t care.” he said in a grumble and he turned around looking at her as she started to walk with him toward the museum. “Why are you even with me anyway?” he asked her wanting to know. Ichigo looked at him and looked away as her face turned to a bright pink, she was glad that it was night because he certainly been teasing her if he saw. It wouldn’t be so hard anyway since her skin is pale then usual. She was also a half demon half human but she was a vampire and she had telepathy.
“Because you saved me, and since then you even said yourself ‘come on, I won’t let you get attacked ever again’.” she said with a evil smile he could clearly see. Now it was his turn for his face to turn red. He looked away and looked at the moon’s pale face, it was kind of true he had said that to her. She was being attacked at the museum by the night watchmen and Achilles had been strolling along trying to find some dinner when he helped her out and to gain a demons trust wasn’t so easy. She tried to attack him and with telepathy it made it even harder, so he could’ve slipped in ‘I’ll make sure that no one will attack you ever again’ in there. And it worked.
‘But now she’s hanging around me...I should’ve just tried to beat her off me that day.’ he thought and he looked at Ichigo who was now also staring at the moon, thinking of the past or the future.
“Well? Do you know somewhere you can telepath both of us? So that we won’t be distracted by anything else?” he asked her. Ichigo looked at him confused and surprised by his question and she looked away nervously as she fidgeted with her hands.
“Well...I guess I do have this one place.” she muttered and looked at him smiling weakly. “Well? Want to come with me?” she asked him politely. Achilles said nothing but shrugged.
“I guess, I have nothing better to do.” he said to her. Ichigo said nothing and then she sighed and walked up to him and wrapped er arms around his arm. Slightly confused but mostly surprised by her act he was about to push her off when he saw her eyes close.
“Don’t move, or else you’ll be telepathed somewhere else.” she said knowing he was going to try to push her off. Achilles said nothing and froze, in a second he gasped as it felt as if the ground beneath him disappeared and in another second there was ground again and he nearly fell to his knees feeling tired as if something sucked the energy out of him.
“What the..?”
“Since you can’t telepath when I transport somewhere it drains some energy out of you.” she explained as she let him go. It took Achilles a moment before he could clearly see the world around him, he saw that they were on top of a skyscraper in the center of the city. He looked down and saw there was people rushing to get home even though there was only a few cars left in the open. The light in all the windows in the buildings reflected off of each other but it was just a dim light and you can see no stars, which surprised Achilles because he always saw a sky and there always had been stars. But he knew it was only because the building lights were blocking the stars.
“So...why’d you take me here?” he asked her. Ichigo looked at him as she went and sat on the railing and then looked down at the street below.
“Well, you wanted me to telepath you somewhere and I did, also I thought we can introduce ourselves in a more ‘correct’ manner.” she explained to him. Achilles didn’t understand her but that was only because he didn’t believe there was any ‘correct manners’ for anything. It was do it and don’t get yourself killed.
“What’s to correct? I know your name and you know mine.” he said sarcastically meaning that he didn’t care. She ignored his tone and she patted to the spot next to her on the railing wanting him to sit next to her there.
“Come on, sit with me.” she said. Achilles said nothing and then got next to her and sat down, feeling very uncomfortable but didn’t want to show it. He saw as Ichigo looked down at his arms and grabbed it and placed her slender fingers over the thin ‘skin’ and tattoo. “So...you’re a half human half hunter I know...but...what’s with this?” she asked him not bearing to look up at him. Achilles pulled his arm away from her grip and looked at the tattoo.
“I don’t know...my earliest memory was that I was in the lab, and I felt as if I was on fire. I tried to kick the glass down and then....I went out of control.” he said recalling to the time when he was six he was in a giant tube filled with a emerald green liquid. “I knew I was in liquid....it didn’t seem like it at first but I saw that the scientist didn’t look as normal as they usually did. And then I saw this appear and I had no idea what it was. So I think that’s why my name is ‘Achilles’ meaning ‘pain’.” he explained to her and then he looked up seeing that she was deeply intrested in the story. Achilles looked down at the city and crossed his arms. “So what about you? Did you experience that when you were at the organization?” he asked her. Ichigo shook her head and looked at the moon that looked yellow because it reflected the light off the buildings.
“No, it was different when I was there. I don’t remember being part of the lab, I only have one memory but it’s very fuzzy. Anyways, I escaped not to long ago, I think four years ago. When I was there, you know how they give us a specific job because that’s what they thought we were ‘created for’?” she asked him as she got up from the railing and sat behind it on the floor and placed her legs under the railing so that her legs dangled off the side of the building. Achilles nodded and remembered he’d was assigned as a doctor when he was thirteen. He despised it but it was enjoyable because for so many years he had been planing for a escape and he knew where the right place to strike when someone tried to attack him. He hated working there because he hated being with the old or the sick.
“Yes I remember. I worked at the hospital, or what they called it the ‘Hostile Hospital’.” he said proudly that he was part of the hostile place. Ichigo crinkled her nose and then smiled nodding and she looked down again.
“Yes, I might have saw you a few times if you don’t remember. Because when I was thirteen I was assigned to be a ‘Bringer of Life’.” she said and shivered saying the name. Achilles looked at her confuse not quite remembering what that job was. Ichigo saw his confused expression and she sighed and rested her head on the railing. “Meaning I had to be one that breeds. A mother you can say.” she said. Achilles looked at her surprised, he was always told that ‘Bringers of Life’ were supposed to be respected until they are assigned a second job then they are treated like everybody else.
“Really? I don’t really understand that job though. How many...um....kids are you supposed to have?” he asked a bit embarrassed. Ichigo blushed seeing that he was a bit embarrassed and she smiled and hit his arms playfully.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about Achilles-kun. It’s a normal question I don’t see why you’re shy about it. But...four births. That is it, after one child you get one year of being prepared for the next year when you have to carry another child. So eight years total and then we are assigned another job.” she said. Achilles gasped as he remembered something from a long time ago.

He was just walking down the hall going toward another training exercise, this time he was going to learn how to operate on a person with a weak heart. When he was walking by he saw a nurse showing two young women down a hall. The nurse stopped to take a clipboard from the front desk. One of the women had blue skin and elfin ears, she was a dark elf and her hair was brown, so she was almost completely a demon. But female dark elves weren’t nothing to be afraid of unless their children are threatened. And the other woman was younger and had pale skin and brown hair, her eyes were both a black color as if there was no iris in her eyes.
‘A dark elf and a half vampire...from the looks of their dresses I can tell they are assigned to be mothers.’ he thought walking past them and watching them at the same time. He gasped seeing them both look at him the dark elf shrugged and looked away but the half vampire kept watching him. He tried to smile but he can tell it was a uneasy smile, he hated smiling he rarely smiled but it was important to show respect especially to the women so he was roughly taught. He froze as the half vampire smiled and giggled seeing his uneasy smile, she waved back and tried to tighten the dress she was wearing which was a bright pink with a tag saying her number. Achilles hated that they were assigned a number and people who are doctors are supposed to call their patients or regular demons by the number. Even though he was a doctor himself he was still had to be called by his number till he had been a doctor for three years. He stopped and pretend to look through some papers as he heard the dark elf talk to the other woman,
“You know, he’s not to bad looking. He is pretty cute despite he’s a hunter.” she said to the half vampire. The half vampire looked at her and nudged her arm,
“ I don’t think we should put hunters down....but I do think he’s pretty cute though...” she said giggling. Achilles looked at himself and looked at his arm covered tattoos and thought to himself lots of questions. What did that vampire see in him? And also how old was she? Is she old enough to be a mother? He looked back at them and saw the dark elf shrugged,
“Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be assigned with him, but of course you’ll have to be very good to ask to be assigned with someone.” she reminded her. She nodded and watched as Achilles was still going through his schedule and she caught a glimpse of his tag he lazily put on his left pocket.
“Number eleven thirty-nine, he’s older then me.” she said to the dark elf happily. Achilles looked p ay her and she froze and then smiled back at him. The dark elf looked at her and whispered,
“Come on fourteen forty-five, you know you want to talk to him.” she whispered. The demons were all sorted by number and year, so that means Achilles is three to four years older then number ‘forty-five’. Achilles looked at the clock and shrugged seeing that it doesn’t start till fifteen more minutes.
‘Maybe I can just talk to her for a moment.’ he thought chuckling to himself seeing her expression when he walked toward her. When he got toward her she blushed her face turning to a rose color and she looked up at him smiling nervously,
“H-Hi...” she said. Achilles smiled at her and moved some hair away from her eyes for the little dramatic effect.
“Hi, I’m Achilles.” he said smiling. She looked up at him surprised, it was rare for any demon to tell each other their names and Achilles can tell that she was surprised about him telling her his name. “And I’m guessing your name is ‘beautiful’?” he asked. Her face turned red and she smiled at him and shook her head embarrassed.
“My name is--”
“Forty-nine!! You know that it’s forbidden to say you name!” the human nurse yelled at her. She looked at her and grabbed her head playfully,
“That’s what I meant, I’m sorry Fay you know I get confused easily.” she said. Fay smiled at her and patted her shoulder,
“I know, sorry for yelling at you. I know you’re still recovering from the experience, it’d be a while before your normal.” she said and looked at Achilles’s tag,
“Thirty-nine, aren’t you supposed to be at your doctor training?” she asked him. Achilles shrugged and his smile turned to a serious face meaning he didn’t care,
“It won’t start till fifteen more minutes, now thirteen, I just wanted to talk to her is that bad?” he asked her. The nurse said nothing and turned around grabbing some papers from the desk and Forty-nine smiled and mouthed the words ‘Chi’. Achilles new that was her name and nodded.

In the present Achilles gasped,
‘She didn’t say ‘Chi’ she said ‘Ichigo’.’ he thought and looked at Ichigo who was still smiling at him.
“Remember me now?” she asked him. He said nothing and nodded,
“Yeah I might.” he said to her. Ichigo smiled and sighed remembering the day. She looked at her shirt and then looked down at the city which was now empty but had a few cars driving past. Those were the night watchmen and they never go check the rooftops.
“Well...four years ago was supposed to be my first...well...you know first time I was supposed to have a child or whatever. But I found out that they let the mother see the newborn for only a few days then they are sent to the lab. So I escaped and lived in the city, weak and sick.” she said sarcastically meaning she was pretending to be a very sick woman. Achilles looked at her and looked down at the city.
“Really? Are you sure it wasn’t because I wasn’t there?” he asked her jokingly. Ichigo said nothing and she stood,
“I better get going home, before they start to send anymore night watchmen and find me.” she said and was about to walk away when he grabbed her arm, she turned and looked at him who wanted to know more, he knew that she was hiding something and he didn’t like it. Ichigo swiped her hand off and they both stood there silent. “What?”
“Who are you? I know you are someone else on the inside.” he said. She said nothing and then she ran and jumped off the building. Achilles knew she would teleport somewhere but when he saw she didn’t he swore under his breath and jumped after her. Ichigo gasped as she couldn’t teleport out of there.
“s**t! I knew this was going to happen!!”
“Then why’d you jump off?” Achilles asked falling next to her. Ichigo looked at him and then her eyes changed to a orange which made Achilles smile evilly. “Nice to see you again ‘Shina’.” he said knowing it was Ichigo’s other half. ‘Shina’ gave him a dirty look,
“You know not to call me that Achilles. What do you want?” she asked Ichigo’s voice changing. Achilles smiled and shrugged,
“I don’t know...I want you to work with me and convince Ichigo to work with me too.” he said to her. Shina looked at him confused and grind her teeth and looked down as they still fall.
“I’ll try.” she said and her eyes turned black again. Ichigo gasped and Achilles smiled and grabbed onto Ichigo as he knew she had the power back and then he landed on his knees in a room that was plain with white walls and what it seemed that it looks like a house....Ichigo’s house.
‘I bet it’s her house...she teleported us here.’ he thought and looked at Ichigo who passed out. Normally if for some reason a demon loses their power for alittle bit it takes at least twenty minutes to get them back but it didn’t even take her five. Such a big change will likely make a demon pass out. He sighed relieved that they were somewhere safe and he fixed his sleeves so that it was covering his arms.
“Well.....that was fun.”

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