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My stories ideas and more....
Keroro GunsoREMAKE! pt1[with pictures!]
It's been soooo long since I posted anything up!! And since I made a Fanfiction.net account and it was retarded and not let me post any of my stories I'm posting one of my many Fanfiction [doujinshi] stories I made of Keroro Gunso! [Sgt. Frog]. It's sort of more like a crossover then fanfiction really. There's Tsubasa charectors, maybe some Naruto charas soon, and lots more probably in the future. Read if you want but if you don't its fine with me I'll keep posting >:3

Chapter 1 Pt. 1

“Staying home from school I don’t mind…what I do mind….is being sick so I have to stay home!! ATCHOO!!” I yelled and I grabbed a few more tissues from the box and blew my nose. “Way to go Ichigo, as usual.” I muttered to myself disappointedly. “You just moved to Tokyo and you had to get yourself sick.”
“Now don’t beat yourself up Ichigo-chan.” A feminine voice said. I looked and saw a pretty lady with blonde hair, my mom Fai. “You’re father was sick on the drive here, all you two need is some rest.” She reassured. I sneezed again and blew my nose on a tissue.
“Yeah but dad’s well enough to see the sunlight.” I commented as I lay down against the pillow, my head was hurting me a lot since I woke up five hours ago. Mom smiled as she came into the room with a small tray and I saw the horrid sight of…
“Yes, but if you take your medicine then you’d be like your father and go out to ‘see the sunlight’.” She said with a giggle. I knew from that laugh that I was in a moment of hell.

<< 3rd pos. Next door>>
Usually a soldier would follow a pattern or schedule of some kind. Wake up, eat and get clean, have a meeting with the other troops, train, eat, personal time (which was supposed to be at least an hour long), eat and get clean, go to bed. Repeat. But at the Hinata household, to Giroro it seemed utterly impossible to do. He was having personal time, when it was still morning and his ‘comrades’ still didn’t have meeting yet for that day. They haven’t for the last week and a half.
‘I feel like a private…’ he thought with a shiver as he stabbed the small fire with a stick. ‘Lost since I don’t know the schedule…’ he thought and looked over next door where a huge white van had stood in front of for the last week and a half. ‘Maybe Keroro knows that there’s something about that truck and he isolated himself from us…’ he thought and then went and stabbed the flame again. He was thinking so deeply about what was happening and how to return it back to normal that he didn’t notice the fire taking a lick at his hand. Giroro gasped pulling his hand away and dropping the stick into the fire. He stared at his hand seeing little dark marks where the fire tasted him and he put an arm in his tent and pulled out a small piece of cloth.
“Damn, I need to be more careful.” He scolded himself while using his mouth and left hand to tie the cloth onto his right hand. That’s when he heard it. A loud yell coming from next door. Giroro looked up quickly at the room he thought it came from and saw nothing but a curtain hiding the inside.
“No! I’ll do anything!! Please not that!! Spare me!!!” the voice yelled. Giroro was so confused and so shocked that he totally forgot about the pain in his right hand.
‘They’re torturing people next door?! For how long?! How did I not know about this?!’ Giroro thought with panic, he then only had one thing in mind.
“I gotta tell Keroro!” he yelled and he ran into the Hinata house. It wasn’t long until he got to the secret base that was inside the Hinata’s basement. Giroro, though he was out of breath, ran and pressed a button on a wall that was only pressed for emergency meetings only. There were sirens all around and in no time Tamama, Kururu, and Keroro slid down a giant slide and plopped right in the meeting room where Giroro was.
“Giroro! Why’d you do that for, huh?!” Keroro yelled angrily. Giroro held up his hand as he tried to gain his breath and then he looked at him.
“People are getting tortured next door!” he yelled and then sighed sitting down on the ground. Keroro gasped.
“Gero…tortured? Next door?! I-Impossible!! W-We never knew about that!” he said. Kururu laughed evilly as he looked at a laptop he had.
“They could be.”
“I said ‘they could’. We do have new neighbors next door. And that truck still didn’t leave.” He said and looked at them. “They probably have their prisoners in that truck. Kuku!!” he laughed. Tamama shivered,
“That’s scary desu…huh? What happened to your hand Gocho-san?” he asked. Giroro looked at his hand and hid it behind his back.
“N-Nothing, it’s nothing. What do you think we should do Keroro?” he asked. Keroro thought for a moment and snapped his fingers.
“I got it!! If we take them to surrender then we’ll be able to have them on our team. So then when we invade Pekopon, they can be our legal punishers. Gerogerogero!!” he laughed.
“That won’t be necessary!” A voice called. Everyone looked up and saw a masked Keronian jump down from the vent in the ceiling and landed in the center of them.
“Oh! Dororo-kun!” Keroro gasped and froze as Dororo stood and gave him an emotionless look. Giroro and the others were surprised.
‘Dororo never acted like this before.’ Giroro thought. Dororo then looked at them all and placed a hand on his sword’s hilt.
“I will not allow you guys to go next door and attack them!!”
“Why not! They’re torturers!!” Giroro yelled at him as he stood up. Dororo looked at him.
“I don’t care!…my…my…” he said nothing and then looked at him as his face turns red. “My princess is next door!!” he yelled at them. Everyone now stood confused and shocked. Well…everyone except Kururu who laughed.
“I think Dororo’s become a traitor. Ku~kuku!!”
“I-I have not!” he yelled but Tamama came up from behind and tied him up. Keroro sighed and gave a thumb up.
“Thanks Tamama. Now since we got the traitor out of the way we’ll head on and spy on our new neighbors.” He said smiling evilly. “Lets do this!!”
“Right!” Tamama and Giroro said. Kururu laughed and Dororo sobbed.

Pt 1 {end}

I think I got better at writing! [How descriptive I wrote about his burns...poor Giro-kin...] O but if you're curious then here!!!......

User Image
The green one: Sergeant Keroro [Keroro Gunso the leader]
The red one: Coporal Giroro [Giroro Gocho the gunman]
the yellow one: Sergeant Major Kururu [Kururu Sochou the scientist/evil inventer/sadist]
The light blue one: Lance coporal Dororo [Dororo Hiecho the ninja (?) sweatdrop ]
The dark blue one: Private Tamama [Tamama Hietoni the yongest (has split personalities)]

That's the platoon!! And then we have....

User Image
Me and sis in the story...lol Im the one with brown-ish hair sis has the black-ish hair

User Image
Yay! Our mommy and daddy!! Lol, me and sis [T3f3r] said that When Fai and Kurogane traveled to the world of...Keroro gunso [watever waaaayyyy before Keroro came to earth] they liked it and started a family. And because Fai's a vampire he can have kids [don't ask lol we're HUGE FaixKuro fans so we just made stuff up xp ] so he's mistaken alot for rather being a guy or a lady but he doesn't care, but really appriciates it if you call him 'ma'am' or 'miss'.

More posts and pics to come!!...now I should post that Naruto fanfic now huh.....

User Image .::[J][A][M][][][M][E]::.

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