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My stories ideas and more....
Princess resurrection intro and ch1 (pt1)(doujinshi)
"She can't live here any longer!! She has already fled with our most strongest guard, robot, and the younger princess!! She must've fled to the human world your highness!!!" A guard yelled as he bowed respectively in front of a thrown. The king sat silent as he thought what to do. The king sighed and he took a sip from his wine.
"Looks like we are on a little hunt....send a message to the Reaper saying we'll have to send his son and his 'friend' to the human world and retrieve her back. As long as she doesn't make any blood warriors and we keep sending demons after her we'll be able to retrieve them back." he said. The guard nodded and bowed even lower.
"Yes your highness. I'll go as fast as I can." he said and stood up and ran. The king sighed as he examined his wine glass.
"You can't escape from your father Ichigo....you had tried to many times already."

◊ıChapter 1◊ı
"Huh, I never know there was a house up there before." A male named Kakashi said as he placed his hand over his eyes and looked at the top of a hill. He saw a mansion which looked old and abandon. He looked down at the small piece of paper he received in the mail at his apartment, he was desperately looking for a new place to live but he never found a house, till that is the letter arrived.
'This is where you will be staying please be warned hat you'll have to work under me.
Your new boss - Ichigo'
"So...I meet this girl Ichigo....and then I can live with her in her big house if I can be a servant?" he asked and sighed. "How weird...."
"HEY YOU WATCH OUT!!" A man's voice yelled. Kakashi spun around and gasped as a car swivel out of control out of nowhere and hit him! The impact from the car was so intense that Kakashi was pushed and he slammed into a pole making his back break. Kakashi gasped and coughed up blood feeling his whole spine snap in a second and his arms and legs get heavy. Not to far away from the accident a tall man wearing a weird triangular helmet was in the middle of the street, from the tiremarks on the floor it seemed like the car bumped into HIM making it spin out of control. Behind him a girl with long brown hair wearing a black dress with white ruffles and a silver tiara with a red jewel in the center and red eyes looked from behind the man and saw his right arm was scratched.
"Shi-shi-kun are you alright?!" she asked him. The man didn't rely but shrugged. The girl smiled and grabbed his hand and saw a man with white spiky hair on the floor in a puddle of his own blood gasping. "Oh no!!!! Because that car bumped into you it hit him!! Lets go see if he's ok!" she said pulling him but because he was so big it seemed that he wouldn't budge, she let go of his hand and started walking. "Come on you!! I have to go see if he's ok! Besides people in the human world can't drive so it's their fault!!" she said with a pout. Back with Kakashi he just laid there helplessly trying to move his limbs but everything seemed so numb, he gasped seeing a girl in a gothic lolita dress and a huge man behind her. She bit her thumb and shrugged. "A good corpse is what I say."
"What?! How could you say that?!"
"Yeah! He's still breathing!!"
"Don't give up!!"
"Don't worry there's a ambulance coming hang on!!" the people shouted. The girl moved some hair over her shoulders and pouted because of the people screaming at her.
"The ambulance won't make it in time to take him to the hospital...it's all hopeless." she said. Kakashi tried to breath normally but couldn't look away from the girl, he felt his eye-lids getting heavy.
'She's so...cute in that dress....and she seems familiar....' he thought and then there was darkness.

To becontinued........
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(the girl on in the gothic lolita)

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(the mysterious girl's bodyguard 'Shi-shi-kun')

Ok bad place to stop but I have a writers block and I ned to get off soon ok? I wanna keep rping with my friend Rain-senpai. ^^ but hoped you liked it, Imma turning it into a doujinshi!! (fancomic) mrgreen nice intro and ch 1 huh? O~! suspencfull!!! xd

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