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My stories ideas and more....
Princess resurrection doujinshi(story) pt3 with pictures!!
"Alright! You rock Shi-shi-kun~! heart " she said planting a small kiss on Shi-shi-kun's helmet. He stood up and looked away blushing. Ichigo looked at Kakashi and grabbed his arm making him stand. "Come on! Shi-shi-kun made a plan!!" she said. Kakashi followed her and she stopped at the window and opened it. "We're going to jump."
"What?!" Kakashi yelled as he looked down, they were on the sixth floor. "A-ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"

± Continue ±
"Yeah, why?" Ichigo asked him with a smile and waved her hand as if he was playing with her. "You're not scared because we're just a bit high up are you?"
"O-Of course I'm scared!!!" Kakashi yelled at her. Shi-kun grabbed the hilt of his sword as if he was getting ready for combat but Ichigo held her hand up as if to stop him and he did. Ichigo smiled an evil smile and brushed her hair over her shoulder,
"There's nothing to worry about Kakashi-san, I'd never let any of my servants get killed." she said. Kakashi gasped, how did she know his name without him telling her? Before he was able to open his mouth and ask anything Shi-kun grabbed hold of Kakashi and Ichigo and put them over his shoulder and walked up to the opened window and took a giant leap. Kakashi (who wanted to scream badly) closed his eyes saying a quick prayer but instead of feeling his body squish onto the car top or anything he just felt a sudden bump following with a crash and faint car alarm. When he opened his eyes he found that the car was so squished from the weight of this mysterious guy that it almost broke in half!! Ichigo jumped off Shi-kun onto the car and then on regular solid ground.
"Thanks Shi-kun! Lets see....I don't think that they can catch us now...so lets get out of here!" she said. Kakashi gasped as Shi-kun dropped him as if he was a sack of potatoes and then continued walking with his huge knife attached to his back. Kakashi quickly got off the car and started to walk after them quickly.
"H-Hey wait! How do you know my name? A-And how did I come back to life?" he asked her and she spun around and smiled at him.
"Well, I wouldn't want to talk about it to everyone unless you want to really die, anyways a master must know the names of her servants if she wants to be a good master. So I followed you after you got killed in that car accident and saw your name blah, blah, blah." she said waving her hand. Kakashi made a quick glance over at Shi-kun but immediately looked away once he threw a glance back, that helmet creeps him out.
"Alright, but how did you bring me to life? And why? Who are you guys?" he asked her. Ichigo smiled and grabbed hold of Shi-kun's arm and walked along side with him.
"I am the princess of a war god in the 'Other realm' or how you humans teasingly call it 'the demon world'." she explained and she closed her eyes and looked at the moon. "My kind has many powers, I could bring a living creature to life and they could live forever as long as they drink my blood. I brought you to life because.....well...." she said and thought for a moment. "Well...I need more servants." she said. Kakashi froze and looked at her.
"Oi!! What do you mean 'servant'?! I'm not your servant!!" he yelled and said nothing when Ichigo giggled and heard a creepy chuckle from Shi-kun. "W-What?"
"Actually." Ichigo said and looked up at him. "From the moment I gave you my blood we both signed a eternal treaty in between us, so now you like Shi-shi-kun here are my servants!" she said smiling. Kakashi looked at her surprised and then stopped at the old mansion he thought was abandoned, the same spot where he was killed that same morning. "Here we are!! Our new home!" Ichigo cheered and looked at the two silent men. "Aw come on!!! Say something about our new place!"
"You're...?" Kakashi started to ask and took out the piece of paper that was still in his pocket, the letter saying where he was going to work. Ichigo looked at him confused.
"You're....my master?" he asked her. Ichigo nodded and made a cute little pose.
"Yes!! I am Ichigo Youso, and I am your master!!"

"She's escaped? You sure?" a young boy with a big black cloak asked as he was talking on a cellphone. On the other side another boy nodded.
"Yes, this might be harder then we thought Necro, not only she has that big guy with her but also we have Xzaro on our tail, he'll probably be in Tokyo in a few minutes." the boy said. Necro swore under his breath and looked around as if to make sure no one else was there. He froze as he saw a familiar girl in gothic lolita clothing skip down to a huge mansion with a man with blood all over his back and a huge man with a odd pyramid shaped helmet and a sword attached to his back. Necro smiled and grabbed his scythe's hilt and twirled the scythe around as if to get ready into battle mode.
"Rain I found her."
"What?! Are you sure?"
"I'm sure, the guard and a human are there, I'm guessing she brought one to life already."
"Well ok, but don't bother attacking her now. I saw some pretty weird things on my way to the hospital and --W-What the hell?!"
"Rain? Rain what's going on?!"
"Amber alert!! Necro get out of there now!! Xzar--" the voice ended and there was crackling and beeps.
'We're sorry, this phone has been disconnected, please try again later.'
"Damn it." Necro said turning his cell off. He looked over at the mansion and then turned his head so that he was looking toward the hospital where his partner was.
'I guess I could just attack them later.' Necro thought and then started to jump from one tree to another to see what was up.

<With the others>
"Huh?" Ichigo asked turning toward Shi-kun who was staring toward the direction of the hospital. "Shi-shi-kun is something wrong?" she asked in a sad cute voice. Shi-kun looked at her and shook his head and continued to walk next to her. "Are you sure? That was a pretty scary pause." she said. Kakashi looked at Shi-kun and back at Ichigo.
"You ca actually understand him and he's not talking?" he asked and then froze when Shi-kun held his huge sword to Kakashi's neck. Ichigo laughed weakly.
"Ok, settle down you guys. And it's a personal thing. I can only understand him because he wants me too, if he wanted you to then he will but he doesn't." she said and hugged Shi -kun's arm. "Isn't that right? Now put that sword down Shi-shi-kun or you'll get in trouble with sis." she said to him. Shi-kun did what he was told and shoved Kakashi before he walked ahead. Ichigo opened the door and when she was going to walk in she dodged a arrow that was being shot at her head but got the door instead.
"Ichigo-chama you're three hours late." a female voice said. Kakashi looked at the arrow and looked to see where it came from but saw another girl, that was older then Ichigo sitting on a fancy chair across from them, she was also wearing a gothic like dress and had the same crown on her head but had blonde hair and red eyes had a crossbow in her right hand. Ichigo smiled at the older woman and bowed.
"Sorry onii-san! But I have a servant!!" she said pointing to Kakashi, Kakashi gasped as the woman smiled and moved some hair out of the way.
"Really? Welcome to the club."

End of Chapter 2
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Ok, ok I know another bad place to stop....I think this one is shorter but I don't know I don't have a word counter on this thing >.< Anyways, pt3 and the end of chapter 2. Chapter 3 will begin in the next entree. ^^ m' kay? I think this is getting suspenseful and the girl 'onii-san' is the real main chara in Princess Resurrection. And for those who want to be a character or a random enemy that comes up in the following chapter then send me a pm or comment here m'kay? (I need new ideas lol xp )

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