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My stories ideas and more....
Princess resurrection doujinshi(story) pt2 with pictures!!
"Don't worry there's a ambulance coming hang on!!" the people shouted. The girl moved some hair over her shoulders and pouted because of the people screaming at her.
"The ambulance won't make it in time to take him to the hospital...it's all hopeless." she said. Kakashi tried to breath normally but couldn't look away from the girl, he felt his eye-lids getting heavy.
'She's so...cute in that dress....and she seems familiar....' he thought and then there was darkness.

Ichigo the girl in the black dress said nothing as she saw the ambulance attendants were hoisting the young man into the ambulance. The man who was accompanying her 'Shi-shi-kun' (real name unknown) glanced down at her and she smiled at him.
"Not to worry Shi-shi-kun, it's not your fault. It was that guy in the car, if you were a human you would've been hurt." she said and thought for a moment. She smiled. "Come on. Lets go watch and see if he really makes it."
The doctor and two nurses rushed to the operation room and tried to fix up poor Kakashi but it seemed he didn't make it on time. So they rolled him to the morgue and left him there to see if they can get a profile about him and also see if they can alarm his family about his tragic accident. But Ichigo who had been hanging around the hospital for nearly three hours finally found the morgue and she snuck in making sure no one was there. She froze as she saw a red light on the ceiling. She looked and saw it was a camera. Ichigo smiled and then raised her hand to the camera and the small thing blew up. "Amateurs." she muttered and walked among the dead bodies. "Hm...where could he be? Ah ha!" she said as she saw the familiar body. His face was covered by the cloth but she can tell from the smell it was a fresh corpse. "Seems he didn't make it...I told them, what a waste." she said as she bit her finger. It bleed a bit and she placed it over the cloth letting it drip onto it. As the blood landed directly on the cloth his wounds started to heal quickly with smoke and sizzling being heard and seen. "Onii-chan wouldn't mind. So drink up." she said playfully and waited for her new blood soldier to awake. Because of this little 'ritual' she and him signed a 'blood contract', if he comes back to life that means he is her servant forever. Ichigo felt her blood run cold as she saw he wasn't breathing. "He's not waking up!!!! Uh oh!!! Did Onii-chan seal my powers?!?! Did I get weaker?! Is he someone's else's servant?!" she yelled trying to keep sanity. Just then there was a gasp. She looked and smiled as she saw his chest rising, he was breathing.

Ø Chapter 2 Ø
Kakashi gasped as he woke up, seeing nothing but darkness.
'What the? I can't see a thing!' he thought and then grabbed what was covering his face, it was a cloth with a small red dot in the middle. 'A cloth?'
"Well, it's about time you woke up." a familiar voice said. He sat up and saw the girl that was above him in the street, at the accident. She just sat there drinking tea like nothing happened. He gulped as his heart skipped beat or two.
"You gave me quite a scare there." she said as she blew on her tea and took another sip. "I thought you were a goner."
"But I was dead....wasn't I?" he asked her and rubbed the back of his head where he was hit and then gasped as he put his hand on his back, he swore his spine was broken in two at the accident. She said nothing and she placed the cup on the small table.
"'Was' is a correct term. But now you're not." she said with a smile. Kakashi said nothing and looked around in the dark room he knew it had to be nighttime.
"Where am I?"
"At the morgue."
"It's true." he sighed and then heard a loud screech as if something metal was being dragged.
"What was that?" he asked. The girl smiled as she looked toward the door.
"Oh that's my bodyguard. He's cute but noisy." she said as her face turned red. A loud screetch was then heard and as the door opened there was the tall man with a pyramid shaped helmet, Kakashi flinched, he didn't remember seeing him at the accident sight, yet he was almost dead. "Oh, Shi-shi-kun~! heart What's the news?" she asked him. He said nothing but closed the door and pointed behind him. She gasped. "What do you mean the nurses are coming after me?!" she asked. Shi-shi-kun went up to her and got dow and whispered something in her ear. She nodded. "Uh huh....right....ok.....you don't say?"
"What is he saying?" Kakashi asked nervously. Ichigo held her hand up to shush him and then she nodded.
"Alright! You rock Shi-shi-kun~! heart " she said planting a small kiss on Shi-shi-kun's helmet. He stood up and looked away blushing. Ichigo looked at Kakashi and grabbed his arm making him stand. "Come on! Shi-shi-kun made a plan!!" she said. Kakashi followed her and she stopped at the window and opened it. "We're going to jump."
"What?!" Kakashi yelled as he looked down, they were on the sixth floor. "A-ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"

To be continued.......

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Kakashi (the main chara)
I know another bad place to stop. xp but it's gotten a little longer and all and I want to look at pictures and stuff......and just for fun.............
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Isn't that soooooooooooo cute?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!??!! heart heart heart I wanna take him home and keep him and play with him, and feed him and give him lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of love~! heart xd Hope you enjoyed the story tho. ^^

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commentCommented on: Mon Jan 19, 2009 @ 11:23pm
huh its a great story line .but realy is this guy going to have to protect the girl and by like her servent beacaus if he did be her servent and have to protect her then just that part would be copying hayate the combat buttler.but other than that its a great story line and i like how it has other worlds .your a great writer but im guessing your not as much as a otaku as i am so you might not know all of the things you must do to make a great anime.its dood but i would suggest that later on in the story some of the girls friends come and so and so.by the way by the look of this it seems like a boys anime so i would suggest lots of mistaken perverted senes but you know dont get me wrong im just saying that thats what you need for a boys anime and the way its going it has to go on as a boys anime so you realy cant chnage it to a girls one lol.good luck cool

from:number one otaku ikuto

commentCommented on: Tue Jan 20, 2009 @ 03:10am
I am glad that you committed on my story thing but if you read the title it says 'Princess Resurrection doujinshi' and if you were a otaku then you'd know that a doujinshi is a fancomic which a fancomic is something that is 'roughly translates into same stuff, different people.' or in the real translation 'same stuff different people'. So it's the same manga but with diffrent or more people. It has nothing to do with what ever manga anime you said. And I am guessing or assuming that you would know how to make a good anime? I have been trying to study the diferet genre of anime for a while I might not know a bit about it but I would certanly know how to make a good doujin. And secondly it is Shonen but I prefer not to have any 'mistaken perverted scenes' even though it is in a Shonen's second nature to have something like that but I prefer not to have anything like that because it's horror/action manga (non yet of course it;s the begining), I was supposed to introduce new people in the story but like the title says it's pt2 of chapter 1 and part of ch 2.
But thank you for again the comment.

Anbu Ichigo Youso
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