There is a being
    He lives among us with one goal in mind
    He does everything in his power
    To achieve one thing
    He feeds off our lies, fears, lust and hatred
    And delights in no one caring for one another
    He deceives us at every sight of our own weaknesses
    He tries to convince us we are worthless, unlovable to
    Anyone and everyone
    He tries to appeal to us through our own selfish desires
    In this he seeks to confuse, divide, and destroy us
    For he knows his fate is
    Decided, sealed, and drawls ever near
    He wants to take as many of us with him as he can
    He goes around like a prowling lion
    Seeking to devoir who ever he can
    His hatred for us is as evident as his presence in this realm
    It’s so important to never let him win
    For his very days are numbered until
    He and his will be cast into the fiery abyss

    BY KRISTI ABRAHAMSON 2004-02/05/06