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Hello to all who read and visit this place in which i have desided. enjoy ur self.
the Gardens
The moon was high and I felt the pull, the need to change. my anger at feeling like I was some prize or display always made my blood boil. I walked for hours. finally I heard movement infront of me...
"Princess, good to see you again"
"Ah prince Leon, believe me the feeling is not the same"
"Why so hostal toward you future?"
"Why so arragent to think you can posses what isn't yours? Look Leon I am no fool, I happen to know my own home well to know you kind. You sleep with the maids, treat everyone under your station like crap, and all I am is another notch in your belt cause I will not sleep with you, or fit into you world. I will not marry you or give you my fathers kingdom. I know my fathers position in the alliance, many princes have tried to court me and they have left with there tails tucked faster than you."
"Wow, you think I am that easy to be rid of? well I have had horses just as spirited and enjoyed braking them, just as you will be, my lady"
I was overwhelmed with the thoughts of anger and hunger, how I wanted to rip him to pieces, but war would salve nothing....so I did the next best thing. "Prince Leon, You know you are right, how rude of me, do come closer to taste what we shall share"
He approched me and I raped my arms around him, and pulled him close, as he gazed into my eyes, I let the warmth leave them to where if I could freeze with a gaze he would have been a frozen statue, I then extended my knee up and head butted him right in the nose. He fell back to the ground.
"You b***h, how dare you, I sware I will make you pay for this on our wedding night, Princess!"
"Sure you still want that cause I can make you lose such valuable assests." I swear he paled for a moment
"I think that is enough...." We both looked left and saw my father enter the clearing. "Prince Leon, I think I shall not require your presence or arrangement any longer." I tried not to scream or fall laughing when Leon's jaw hit the floor.
"What!?! This is an out rage, you invite me here, keep me waiting, offend and show hostility toward me , then give me the Shaft? I will not stay to this, You will pay for this day and betrail, mark my words" With that he left.

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