• Beneath the hidden line of seemingly endless forest lay a new born fox kit. Her eyes not yet opened. Small helpless and hungry the world crashes down before her yet her heart beats on, not knowing so much as the soft voice of her own mother. What a time to come in the world but sometimes it’s not about when you came in, but why. Small, hungry, helpless and afraid as Fox was, she was destine for more than she could ever possibly imagine. This, is her story.

    Fox never knew where she had come from and always wondered why she wasn't like the other foxes. She looked for answers but never found so much as a single piece to the puzzle of her past or where she came from. Ignored buy all the other foxes she stuck it out on her own. from the beginning Fox was always strong able to fend for herself but sometimes strength isn't everything when you're alone for Fox didn't have a friend of her own kind in the world not a soul that would talk to her. All the other foxes were afraid of her said she was too different, a weirdo so they left her alone not taking a second look back not even giving her a chance of friendship and without a family fox might as well be completely and utterly alone all except for one person she had to talk to. In the woods down by the creek lived a loan turtle. The turtle always had taken interest in Fox from the time they first meant. Fox would see him and give him company and in turn he would tell her stories of a great war that took place in the past. He talked about how he was once part of a great race of as he said "inter dimensional turtles" who were eventually wiped out in the war and their powers to teleport through time and space were stripped from them long ago. As silly at that sounded Fox always found his stories amusing even if she usually didn't believe much of it. Non the less Fox enjoyed seeing him and looked up to the wise old turtle and she would go to him every night she could all by herself to hear his stories before she went to bed. She could tell he had seen far more in his life than anyone else she knew. Well, he was the only person she knew but if she did know someone else she was sure they wouldn't have seen or known nearly as much about the unexplored world outside of the woods as the turtle did. She always loved his stories of the past, said it was like he took her back in time to a more interesting place. Because of this she eventually gave him the nick name "Time Turtle" he chuckled at the remark saying it fit well. Time went on and Fox's relationship with Time Turtle grew but she couldn't help but wonder if he knew anything about her maybe even knew about where she had come from and how she came to be. Fox longed for knowing what happened to her parents and why all of her own kind was not only reluctant to tell her a thing but also avoided her like the flue. Fox decided she was going to ask time turtle what he knew so one night she went up to time turtle to see if he could give her some insight. To her, any information she could get was better than not knowing a thing for the rest of her life. When she arrived TimeTurtle was holding an old book of some sort the likes of which she had never before seen. Fox asked him what the book was, Time turtle replied by poking his head out of the pages while displaying a startling expression of anger. Nervously out of either pure mindlessness or sheer determination Fox ignored this, cut to the chase, and asked him what he knew about her if anything. This for whatever reason angered him. "WHAT IS THERE FOR YOU TO KNOW?" He yelled. Fox backed up in fear and murmured an apology. He glared her her, spoke in a stern voice and softly said "some questions are better left to be unanswered for purposes beyond your own knowledge young fox, but I think I can help you if you help me". Fox's ears perked up, he had never asked anything of her before. Now standing eager on all fours she nervously replied "wah, what do you need?" Time turtle stated in a quick, shot in to the point tone "I need you to read something in this book, I don't know what it says but, i think you might be of use ". Fox always had been able to read the old fox language Vixen used before the great war, she slept in an old abandon library from time to time in the winter to keep warm. Time turtle handed her a book with a glowing symbol orange and blue in color that resembled a fox and some odd rodent looking creature. In Vixen (old fox language) the cover reads "the legends". Fox now this a puzzling expression asked "so, exactly why do you need me to read this?" "DAMN IT FOX! Enough questions" TimeTurtle snapped back. Fox fearfully replied "I don't feel so good I think I better head back, it looks like rain's coming" The turtle stood up and looked down at Fox. Fox lowered her head in a slow fashion with her tail now between her legs "I need you right now, Focus." Time turtle opened the book and turned to an orange page the only in the book, there's stood a loan poem in vixen which read.

    The love of one's greed so sly to take heed

    Before the night fall he'll go back for us all

    He looks like no harm so weak and so small

    Be warned, He'll use the gem, he'll kill us all

    Locked in these words are his powers he needs

    To be read by the Fox will open the box

    Just read the page, when the deed is done, thunder knocks.

    Time turtles pulled out a black gem that fox has seen once before, it was a power gem kept at the top of the grand tree house of her kind. it was from what she knew considered a great treasure to the foxes. Afraid to question the turtle’s logic once more Fox simply ignored it, looked at the book, and asked time turtle in a timid voice "read this right here?" As she pointed at the page. Time turtle replied "yes, out loud" and held out the black gem. He told Fox to start. Fox began to read she felt like something inside her but the feeling quickly slipped her mind as she noticed it was beginning to rain and just as she got half way through the poem, *CRASH!!!* a huge crash of thunder roared out above her, she noticed the feeling came back she had before and instantly backed away from the book. "I don't want to do this what is this?! I-" *CRASH* interrupted by thunder before any last words left her mouth, Time turtle quickly ceased the moment. "Keep going you’re doing good feel your power grow free yourself from you bonds chosen one" Fox looked up with a blank expression with her head tilted and one ear to the side which remarked the expression of "what?!?!?!?" In every sense of the matter. Time Turtle remarked before any words left her mouth. "I'll tell you what you want to know, all you have to do is read, come on, you got this..yeah..you got this..keep going" Fox mindlessly began reading the passage word by word she felt something inside her something strong something that gave her a feeling of completeness she had never before had, before she even though what it might be, she realized she was finished reading. the pages of the book came to life, thunder crashed more rapidly lightning began to flash and time turtle with a scarcely blank faced expression said one last remark, the last thing fox would remember. "you've done it" the first thing Fox thought was "done what?" And before she could catch a glimpse or realization of what she had just done, a flash of white occurred blinding her. Fox laid down and felt a feeling of falling. She felt like one half of her body turned in the opposite direction of the other as if she was having a nightmarish fever dream then silence, Black was visible and nothing more.

    Fox woke up and quickly staggered on her feet, her heart pounding out of her chest. Without thinking she began to run, not looking back she ran faster and faster until her paws felt like they could lift off the ground at any second, she ran as fast as she could and when she felt like she couldn't go anymore she pushed on adrenalin rushing coursing through her veins running until her reached a large hole where she fell tumbled on the ground and rolled down the hill. Fox felt nothing at first until she came to a stop, staggered on all fours and puked. Her mind dizzied she tried to grasp reality even attempting to scratch herself to try and see if everything was just a dream, If i could just wake up "Come on stupid it’s not real wake up wake up WAKE UPPP!! Get up fox it’s a Dream" She shouted. Her voice echoed, this something she had not noticed before. Fox looked around seeing that the world she once knew was not the same. The forest lay dead, wasted! Nothing left. The smell of smoke heavy in the air and the red glow of fire in the distance. Fox knew she was far from the home she once knew but, where exactly might that be? Fox cried out as loud as she could, she called out for someone, ANYONE to come and help her, tell her where she was anything for that matter! Fox was, as usual, alone. Nothing Fox isn't already use to except this time it was different, she was not only alone but scared too.

    Fox had now been walking for a few hours, hew tummy growling for food after its previous emptying after her tumble down the hill. Fox was also getting tired and starting to get cold. No matter how far she walked she seen nothing but dead trees as far as the eye could see. The silence was soon broken as Fox stopped near a bush to rest for a minute. "rustle rustle" Fox's ears perked up and listen for the sound her hind legs positioning themselves planted so she could get up quickly if needed. "Screeeach" Fox's muscles tensed immediately in response. her heart skipping a beat as it sped up sending chills through her spine straight down to her tail making the fur on the back of her neck stick up like she'd been struck by lightning. She quickly responded with growl, and a sharply with a sense of unease in her voice replied with a "Who's there?!?! Come out show yourself!" A fearsome snarl came from the bushes in response. Fox jumped, she wasn't gonna just stand around and let whatever it was in the bushes attack her, whatever was hiding didn't sound the least bit friendly. Fox turned around facing the opposite direction of the bush and dug her front paws in the ground as she bent back her ears and kicked up dirt with her hind legs in the mist of beginning a mad dash away from the bush and the unknown danger hidden within it.

    Fox's mind went blank, her eyes shut as she ran as fast as she could for what felt like the 100th time of the day, a day she would just end, a living nightmare she would give anything to wake up from. These thoughts were interrupted by a sharp pain which jolted Fox out of thought and back in to reality, she collapsed mid sprint, Tears streamed down her face in to her mouth, the mildly salty taste of which brought back sudden flashes of painful memories of other times she had been in pain before with no one by her side a situation Fox was all too familiar with. Catching her breath Fox tried to get back up on her feet and keep running but was shocked by a sharp agonizing pain in her left hind leg, she cried out a loud scream which seemed to echo for miles and instantly fell back to the ground her mind overcome by the feeling of being on the verge of blacking out. Fox staggered quickly and rolled over to a position where her belly was facing upward using her front paws to soot her back up against a nearby tree so she could lean forward to examine herself, her leg sharply pulsating with relentless shocks of pain going along with every movement causing Fox to grit her teeth hard as she could throughout the entire ordeal. Once situated Fox took a look at her hind legs. Right leg was fine as expected but as she turned over to take a look at her left her blood went cold as she peered upon a swollen bruised mess that was her left rear leg. Quickly looking around at the surrounding area she pieced together that at some point during sprinting for her life, her paw must have gotten caught between a crack in a area of rock she had run over thus braking her leg which of anything at this point, Fox was sure of. In fact, Fox was sure of two things. One, her leg was definitely broken and two, she definitely had a snow man's chance in hell of getting out the situation she was in. Fox could only pray that whatever she heard in the bushes was far enough away now that it wouldn't bother her. While clenching on to the last bit of hope she had Fox thought to herself "It's probably nothing I'm okay I am O-K nothing to worry about I'll just patch up this le-" her thoughts interrupted by feel of hot breath brushing down her neck. loudly in her right ear she heard a familiar blood curling screech, the same as the last she heard from the bushes she ran from. Fox froze in her place like a stone statue not daring to so much as look back suddenly blacking out for a moment as her mind desperately tried shut out the nightmarish reality around her once again, a faint memory of falling leaves and long mid-day walks in the woods on a cool autumn day appeared before her and just for a moment she felt at peace. This was quickly interrupted as she suddenly jolted back to the harsh reality of some unknown treat literally breathing down her neck. The foul smell of its breath made her gag instantaneously as the pungent sensation filled her nose. With every bit of bravery Fox could muster she turned her head and opened her eyes to a creature who’s looks were so horrifyingly disturbing it caused a shock of fear to overcome her entire body making her lose all control her bladder emptying in response. Fox hanging on to consciousness by a thread managed to pull herself together enough for a brief moment to realizes she needs to get herself the hell away from that Leviathan to her side. Quickly fox staggered back on her feet her leg blaring in pain trying her hardest to run on all fours again. She franticly stampeded in an ungainly fashion reaching moderate speeds as her heart began racing fast as it could, adrenalin giving her the strength to keep going despite her injury but it wasn't enough, a nervous peak behind revealed the monster was gaining on her the distance between them only a few feet. Fox, now limping desperately struggled to maintain her lead on the monster but it was no use, she collapsed hard on the ground from exhaustion and watch with blurred vision as her demise slowly creeps towards her, "I'm only here for a little more, just kill me and do it quick. if food for some horrid monster is all I'll ever be than for once in my entire life i'll finally be useful" Fox thought to herself. She opened her eyes wide and looked up and watched as some horrific disturbing contraption of a mouth began to lower down towards her slowly the monster grunting with sounds reminiscent of harsh vomiting. To herself Fox thought "this is it" as her life flashed before her eyes. Memories of the stories Time Turtle use to tell her, memories of chasing her own shadow as a baby and exploring the woods past her tree for the very first time and meeting time turtle. Fox remembered long nights in her library keeping warm as the winter winds fiercely blew outside as she read books in awe wondering if what they told of the outside world was true and how she longed to go somewhere on great adventures like the amazing heroes she read about in countless exploration novels. Suddenly, one last faint glimpse of some distant memory Fox never knew she had flashed before her. in it, fire surrounded Fox with the smell of thick smoke in the air which burned her nose, Fox could hear the sound of screaming and shouting in every direction. Suddenly she was dropped on the ground, smiling face looked down at her, kissed her on the head and said "someday, you'll be great I just know it. Remember you’re only as great as you believe in yourself to be. I'm sorry.. I hope you'll forgive me, one day you'll understand. I love you no matter what happens now be good okay?" The smiling face said as tears streamed down its face and kissed Fox on the head once more then ran off in the distance with the sound of loud scream fallowing shortly after. Fox jolted awake with the feel of sharp teeth cutting away at her flesh. Fox shut her eyes, the glimpse of her mother still fresh yet fading in her head, Fox couldn't help but wonder what had happened to her suddenly Fox remembered the words the figure in her flash back recited "one day you'll be great I just know it, always remember no matter what you're only as great as you believe in yourself to be" and just like that a fire felt like it slowly started to burn within Fox, Her will to live strengthened stronger than ever before. Something began to change in Fox in this moment. Fox quickly rolled unlatching the monsters mouth from her upper body, the monster in turn tried to pin Fox down with its long razor blade like arm. Fox miraculously managed to dodge the monsters cheap counter with a hand stand on her front paws. Half way relived to have dodged it at all and half way impressed she actually managed to even do a hand stand Fox let out a loud sigh of relief and mumbled to herself "damn it what do I do?! WHAT DO I DO?" Suddenly Fox noticed another razor blade like and coming towards her, and then another and another all hurtling straight at her chest, Fox froze once again but this time it wasn't out of fear but out of pure hatred. Fox hated being alone all her life She hated being trans ported to some hell because some jerk ratchet a** turtle made her read some stupid book, she even hated herself for getting in the situation in the first place. But most of all, she sure as hell hated the monster that was about to kill her before she had even really lived and suddenly Fox snapped instantly her pupils opened wide and she felt the same feeling of power she had felt when reading that book time turtle had told her to read. Fox's eyes began to glow a bright amber color, an orange glowing force surrounded her. The monsters arms closed in on Fox and shattered violently in to pieces the second they came in contact with Fox's body. The monster screamed in pain with loud disturbing sounding high and chillingly low grunts. Fox looked at the monster as it bleed and then at herself. She watched her leg begin to crack and take normal shape and felt sudden relief to the relentless pain it had been causing. Fox taking no time to stop and look further in awe, she quickly changed focus and glared at the monster with the kind of look a lion would give its prey. The monster now with no arms grew large tentacles out of its back and seemed to shed an entire layer of skin off that now lay in a steaming pile off to the side. The monster finally charged at fox but it was no use! Fox quickly dodged it's every move and after a few observations could see what she thought looked like a weak point on the monster. She let out a great shout and attempted to charge at the monster to try and get a good hit in but was stopped in her tracks by the monsters tentacles that wrapped around her squeezing her arms to her chest. Fox struggled for a bit but finally shouted "ENOUGH!!!" Amber flames surrounded Fox and her eyes began to go from an amber glow to bright white. The monster skreeched in agony as its tentacles wrapped around Fox began to bubble, burn, and fall off entirely. Fox dropped back to the ground and landed straight on her feet like a cat. The monster was turned around now and fox was at the perfect angel to see the weak spot she picked on the monster. Now was her chance, Fox dug her feet in the ground and kicked up enough dirt that she left craters behind each step she took as she charged towards the monster with the words echoing in her head "someday, you'll be great. I know it." Before she knew it she had reached the monster bent over in pain, Fox concentrated all her will and power in the weak spot. One last grunt of pain jutted from the monster as it vomited out it's insides all over the ground. Fox watched at the monster collapsed shaking the ground as it fell. Fox let out anticlimactic "humph" and watched for a second and collapsed to the floor from exhaustion, Fox fought for a second to stay awake and seen a figure in the dark about the size of a stuffed bear that shouted
    "hey! Hey you fox guy..oh..um...girl!! Are you okay? Foxy thing..hello? Hey! Are you alright?" Fox muttered a sound but fell asleep before so much as a syllable left her lips.

    Fox woke up in a pool of warm water the fallowing morning "Ahhhhh!! Ahh!! I'm drowning I'm drowning! Help help!!! Help!" Fox shouted, a voice in the distance replied "your now drowning!! Look down!" Fox quickly calmed down and noticed she was in a bath. "Oh..." she said to herself then quickly demanded to know why in fact she was in a bath. A voice in the distance replied "you were pretty dirty and um, well..not goanna lie here but, you sort of smelled like pee" Fox jogged though memories of her ordeal and blushed slightly at the embarrassing realization. "Oh...really? I, I did? I...I’m sorry I just-" foxes words were cut off when the distant voice replied "stop, you're fine everything is okay don't worry I understand I saw the whole thing and-a I can relate believe me. Besides you're all clean now!" Fox became puzzled and uttered out a nervous "thanks." and then asked "where am I? What happened to..to that thing! What-" A small flying squirrel looking thing walked out of a side room and said " You are at my house and that "Thing" is a monster that has been wiping out what's left of a small village north of here, must of been sent by that damn Time Turtle!! Ga," Fox shouted back "YOU KNOW TIME TURTLE?" The small flying squirrel creature replied "you know T.T.? Wait. where are you from again?" "Me?" Fox replied "your um..the only one in the room, well besides that bug but" the small creature glared at Fox with a slight flick of his tail "I think I know where it came from. So, where did you come from I never seen you before around here, we don't get many foxes here, at least not that I've seen" "well, I'm from woodland manor" fox replied. Suddenly, a large badger with an eye patch entered the room and replied in a deep powerful voice "Woodland Manor huh? Haven't heard it called that since the great war, ever since then it’s been called sector 19-17, you're still a kid from the looks of it so I doubt you'd remember when it was called that, strange But I won’t waste your time with questions or conspiracy I'll save that for a later date. With that said, you made quite the impressive show last night killing that monster alone with your bare hands. I've only seen one other creature pull off such a feat" the squirrel looking creature let of a big cheesy smile and looked up. The badger with the eye patch finally finished with "So, fox, don't look around yes YOU! Do you have a name or what?" Fox replied and said "well, people usually call me just Fox" the badger replied "huh, Fox is it? A fox named “Fox”, how bout that. Well "Fox" I'm Commander Honey, yes "Honey" don't make fun of the name, I’m not always so sweet you better believe that. Oh and this little guy here, his name is zap but everyone just calls him his spices, Treble! He's our top agent" "agent?!" Fox replied. "Yes, we are part of a secret agent group!! It’s fun! We get cool weapons and kick monster Butt!!! And protect the woods and, get all the Honeys" treeble replied while giving commander Honey a sarcastic wink. *smack!!!* a swift hit to the back of the head from commander Honey sent Treeble flying in to the water! Fox responded with chuckle as Treeble swam back out of the bath rubbing his head. "What my soon to be sent to a secret mission where I send him away to clean TOILETS! "friend" was trying to say is, we are an agency formed to protect the forest and its inhabitance from the evil ruler TimeTirtle and fox, let me just say with skill’s like yours we'd love to have you on the team, what do you say?" Fox just blankly looked at Commander honey, her mind puzzled with so many questions thoughts raced through Foxes head but suddenly her thinking was interrupted by a hug, fox had never gotten a hug before but had read about them. She looked down and there was Treeble holding tight "If you stay I'll even be you're partner! We can be friends too!! You’ll make tons of friends here! Just wait till you meet pit-bull he’s a trip! I'll be fun!" Treeble smiled up at fox "pretty pleas? With cherry and bananas on top?” Fox unsure what to say thought to herself “friends, I’ll have friends..FRIENDS!!” Fox looked down at her own reflection in the bath water. Seeing this Treble asked, what’s wrong Fox? Fox replied sadly with “I, I never really had friends before I don’t know how to be a friend I just- Treeble flicked fox in the noes stopping her words. Fox snapped back with “ahh HEY! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” “Shut up Fox, geez! You’ll be fine you’ll fit right in I promises! No more sad Fox faces pleas I can’t it I feel Ike I’m watching an ASPCA ad” “A what now?” Fox said. Treeble chuckled “oh nothing nothing, look I’m not gonna ask again until at least five minutes so come on, want to be Bad a** spy or not Fox? I know, you don’t seem to be the type of Fox to run in a pack but you’ll do great on this team so Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- “ALRIGHT I’LL DO IT GEESE!” fox replied while laughing “Is this little guy always like this??” Fox said while looking at commander Honey who slightly chuckled and replied with “you get used to it” Fox laughed out loud as treble said “let’s hope so fox cuz your sticking with me in training tomorrow! Fox replied “training?” Honey looked at the both of them and sternly said “yes, training starts for you both, it’s going to be an evaluation of you both to see how you rank up to see who will be your partner, now fox get out of that water and dry up. Oh and Treble!” Treeble looked up with a smile and replied “Yes sir!” leaving the room honey said “show Fox to her room after she dry’s off and make sure she feels comfortable” “you got it boss!” treble said while motioning Fox to follow him. Fox followed treble through an amazing tree house like she had never seen before, marble floors fancy stained wood columns lined the hall ways is was a spectacle Fox savored as she walked with treble down a seemingly endless maze of hallways and corridors until they both reached a small wooden door with a humming bird carved in to it. “well, um here we are fox” treble said as he opened the door. “its not much but it’s got a comfy bed I picked out sheets with foxes on them for you, thought you might like that” treble stated while smiling “That’s perfect thanks” fox said with a warm half smile “well, if you need anything just let me know! My room’s right next door! Okay? Oh!! And bathrooms are inside all the rooms already first door you’ll see it was um, my suggestion the agency put them in, pretty convenient if you ask me “Cool! That’s not a bad idea I like that“ Fox replied while treeble left to his room while saying goodnight. Fox wasted no time and quickly dashed towed the bed got under the blankets and shut out the lights. Fox while laying down in the dark couldn’t help but feel more at home than she had ever felt before. With this new found feeling of fitting in Fox closed her eyes to an overwhelming feeling of peace that she hadn’t felt in a long time. She began to drift off in to deep thought wondering still what happened to Time Turtle and how did she end up in such a place. Still fox didn’t let these thoughts bring her down because where ever she was, where she now has ended up was much better than home where she was alone. Fox drifted to sleep that night feeling better than ever before, that was until she was awaken by a loud familiar sound..*SKREEEEECH* Fox opened her eyes and saw a dark figure in the window.

    -To Be Continued-